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  1. ElPresidente650


    One Of the Most Underrated rappers out there, lock is a problem...he just straight killed it
  2. ElPresidente650

    Final Saw Movie Confirmed As..Saw 3D...

    So after much speculation the final installment to the Saw franchise is finally confirmed and the title to the last one will be ..Saw 3D.. which of course as you can tell will be a 3d movie... now i know most everybody is sick of this movie and that it should have ended long ago and blah blah...
  3. ElPresidente650

    Stupid WPS

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  4. ElPresidente650

    Would you Jump Off?

    Jump off the worlds tallest building (burj khalifa) in Dubai <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  5. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    i keep hearing about this and still havnt heard the actual mixtape or havn't even seen anything for it..where is it at?
  6. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    oh shit finally haha any evidence of this...more details?..shit he got production from some top notch ppl hopefully it comes out to be a good album and they dont keep pushing it back and back...we need new clyde music...
  7. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    i honestly think that Clyde is one of the dudes that can really make a name for himself in the mainstream he just needs the right push to do it and not get low balled for if this album ever decides to drop then it should be a good one..
  8. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    yeah a bedrock production always good..but this track is legit could be a lil better but its whatever a clyde song is always a slapper..
  9. ElPresidente650

    Chree Gone Crazy when white people dont get there chicken hahaha
  10. ElPresidente650


    lock is a knowledgeable dude and his flow's are insane...a lock vs mistah fab part 2, is it really needed i mean it would be dope to see but really...props to lock
  11. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    so whats the deal clyde is still signed to capitol but inked a distro deal with city hall just to have his E.P drop....and yet his other anticipated album theatre music/california state of mind is going thru capitol and black this is just a fuckin maze of shit still a fan tho...
  12. ElPresidente650

    Clyde Carson Thread

    whatever day it decides to drop ill cop that shit anyways but they do need to stop pushing that shit back and just drop that shit
  13. ElPresidente650

    Big Money In Madrid

    so for those of you that care about the soccer world and keep up with news from there what are your thought on the news coming from spain Manchester united accepted 131 million from Real Madrid just to talk to Christiano Ronaldo and signing him for what the media is sayin might be around 60...
  14. ElPresidente650

    Where is LAROO /Hitta Slim???

    that was a good video mayne...shit all of your stuff is quality stuff never a dissapointment when laroo drops some shit...and yeah the album was dope..hope to see more dope stuff in the future
  15. ElPresidente650

    Redneck Ninja HAHA

    i came across this and thought it was funny had me rolling haha
  16. ElPresidente650

    Official Food Thread 2009

    So since everyone on the open forum turns some threads into talking about food i decided to just make a thread about it so you can just go on and on about food.. i also thought about it cuz i just finish making spicy wings so yeah haha so begin the food talk
  17. ElPresidente650


    ^^agree the only 2 songs that i really listen to from the gorillaz are clint eastwood and feel good inc. but i havnt really heard anything else from them
  18. ElPresidente650

    LMFAO (the group)

    since when have they been out i havnt heard of them gunna have to check out ther music and see what i think
  19. ElPresidente650

    Porcelain and the Tramps

    wow i knew about her from a long ass time ago she has some good songs,,,to bad she dont really have an album or does any shows but o well what she got out is cool
  20. ElPresidente650

    California Going Broke?

    Official says Calif. could be broke in 2 months SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California's chief financial officer warned Monday that the state would run out of money in about two months as hopes of a Christmas budget compromise melted into political finger-pointing by the end of the day. Republican...