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  1. BigRawb

    Night Train Remix Ft. Tech N9ne

    I havent seen this posted.. and I just stumbled on this.. I thought it was a fan made remix, but apparently it isnt..
  2. BigRawb

    Big Bad Wolf Firestarter Remix? Anyone got it?

    I had this remix of Big Bad Wolf over the beat from Firestarter by The Prodigy. It was done by DJ Kontempt. I lost all my files a year or so ago and I have never come across this remix since. I would PAY for the damn thing if it was available on Kontempt's website. Anybody?
  3. BigRawb


    My boy and me were talking and we realized how dope it would be to have an entire book written by Tech that has the lyrics to every song hes written.. and a few words on each track.. like how he came up with certain concepts, maybe explain specific lyrics.. It would be almost like an...
  4. BigRawb

    T-Lou's Tech N9ne Tribute #2 VIDEO

    The video you've all been waiting for!!!! Back by popular demand, T-Lou performs his second tribute to Tech. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  5. BigRawb

    Nelly Why You Aint Call Me

    What was that Nelly reference about on Why You Aint Call Me? "and Nelly my great grandmothers name is Maude Haynes" any idea?
  6. BigRawb

    KILLER IS.....

    Fucking great. Killer 1 is hard as fuck... Killer 2 is masterfully written.. Tech has done it again...Killer is for sure Killer... only one skippable for me, and its just the end of I Am Everything.. Wheaties is great, Tech and Shawnna kill it. Im loving the Get the Fuck Outta Here beat...
  7. BigRawb

    Which Disc?

    So, Killer comes out in less than 3 weeks and were just sitting here with our thumbs up our asses.. theres a lot more n8 bashing than Killer talk... lets discuss... So... we all know Killer is a double disc, and we all know both of those discs are gunna be sick as fuck... but which disc has...
  8. BigRawb

    Tech N9ne Twisted Tribute

    Worcester Palladium May 8, 2008 This is a video of my boy "Terrible" Lou right after the Tech show He had told me he was going to sing to Tech if he ever got a chance to meet him months ago... So we meet up at the show, started pouring some lous and sparking blunts and not too long after he...
  9. BigRawb

    mularky misarski??

    in Runaway, does anyone know who Tech was talking about? "start the mularky like misarski (sp) ???
  10. BigRawb

    Merch at the shows

    Is it smart to cop a shirt or a hoodie from the show? are they more expensive there or on the online store?? And also, do they have a better selection of sizes at the show? I was at the last Tech show when he came to new england, but i didnt even bother with the merch, i just went right into...
  11. BigRawb

    Kabosh Kibosh

    Why is Tech saying Kabosh...insted of Kibosh...I dont beleive KABOSH is a word... Did he do it on purpose or was it just a fuck up? Hope he doesnt put out an album with a friggin misspelling..
  12. BigRawb

    Looned And Chopped Anghelic?

    Yeah, so I was looking through my files and I couldnt find that Anghelic looned and chopped shit..must of gotten deleted somehow...that shit was soo fucking ill...I would love to have it again...does anyone know where I can download it? I know he (DJ LOON) put it out for everyone to download...I...
  13. BigRawb

    All This Touring..Worth It?

    To be completly honest I don't know if all this touring that Tech is doing is really worth it. I mean yeah, it's a great thing that he loves to perform in hundreds of cities in a shows alot of respect for his fans. I also know that it does give him exposure, but I think it would be in...