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  1. J

    who needs fotography

    Www.JDOTCOLOMBO.COM And <<< always updated
  2. J

    check out my website
  3. J

    shot my homie and her friend

    more to come.
  4. J

    check my fotography ima post more today as i finish them up.
  5. J

    new work from yesterday FWMD

    ^^^love this shot
  6. J

    few from a shoot i jus did at a tattoo shop in vallejo DIEGO JOE VINCE BRAD the links...
  7. J

  8. J

    got some new stuff on my flickr

    check it out
  9. J

    a lil different for me

    ------------------------------------------------------ and 2 old photos i just edited ------------------------------------------------------------------ and i guess fuck it heres some other new ones
  10. J

    man i got some god damn fire!!!!

    but i cant post it all yet so heres what u can see for now.shot thur. fri. and sat. ^^^the only one of this set im gonna show.till he gets them all im still in the process of editing from these there will be more
  11. J

  12. J

    need help please. what font is this?

    off the yukmouth "west coast don" thanks guys the "yukmouth"
  13. J

    some night shots

  14. J

    new stuff blood

  15. J

    what do you guys think?new dope white rapper!!!
  16. J

    hopefully this will be mine soon

  17. J

    some shit ive shot recently

    havent even really used the camera yet.but will start posting again.
  18. J

    whos goin to comedy jam

  19. J

    got new lens bitttttttttttch!!!!

    only a tokina 10-17mm but it slaps!!!!!! now i gotta figure out this ps and lucis bullshit hahaha hella juiced.