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  1. DaStonedGangsta

    Ot: Kay Slay feat. some people that bump gums quickly

    well kinda, the same idea, its called " 60 Second Assassins" f/ Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista, & Jaz-O. Its pretty dope
  2. DaStonedGangsta


    i think e-dub is the biggest waste of traxster beats...trax shoulda gave those beats to someone more talented like da wreck, wildstyle, yung buk, illa...shit ..anyone else but dub
  3. DaStonedGangsta

    Coming soon...

    no grewsum collab? you guys have great chemistry together..."be my slut" "take em out" were my favs off your last cd...and "non stop" offa grews cd was also great...hope to see some collabs between yall in the future...still lookin forward to the album..cant wait
  4. DaStonedGangsta

    who the best in chicago right now?

    chicago rap is kinda dead..i aint seen a release from chi since ...i dont even remember...still waiting on the sinna, buk...shit even twista
  5. DaStonedGangsta

    NEWSENSE of PSYCHODRAMA, verses $2K or hooks $1000

    your response was comical, if they were "still makin and spendin 94 money" they wouldnt have you on here tryin to sellin vocals on message boards at a desperate attempt to make for cash....its not about havin balls, its about having brains, obviously newsense is delusional about here...
  6. DaStonedGangsta

    What's Up w/Psychodrama?

    yungbuk performance at hiphoppalooza zTqeX-29zPo&fmt=18 nApJXpQxjPc&fmt=18 gvbUpRyhUKA&fmt=18
  7. DaStonedGangsta

    FLesh N Bone back in the pen

    i think q-loco is mixin flesh up with his homie that dude is FUCKED in the head...
  8. DaStonedGangsta

    FLesh N Bone back in the pen

    after i just got out doin what 10 years? no id make sure that kinda shit stayyysssssssssssssssss faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr from me
  9. DaStonedGangsta

    What's Up w/Psychodrama?

    buk is about to drop the deep end in june 09, but if you know chicago rappers, you know not to hold your breath on release id say buk is droppin in 2013
  10. DaStonedGangsta

    FLesh N Bone back in the pen

    biggest fail next to bg knocc out
  11. DaStonedGangsta

    NEWSENSE of PSYCHODRAMA, verses $2K or hooks $1000

    she does look shes on rocks too, shes one of my fav female artists next to shawnna but 2k is ridiculous
  12. DaStonedGangsta

    who is the next midwest rapper to shine in 2009

    kid Cudi is the future
  13. DaStonedGangsta

    Crucial Conflict "Crucial Time" ??

    am i the only coldhard fan here? besides wildstyle, coldhard is my fav, i like the uniqueness of his voice and flow
  14. DaStonedGangsta

    Chicago rapper Bump J. ARRESTED

    meh, no loss for my ears
  15. DaStonedGangsta

    techa nina gots love for the west...

    techno ninja ruelz
  16. DaStonedGangsta


    tack nayne
  17. DaStonedGangsta


  18. DaStonedGangsta

    The Official LAX Name Drop List

    The Game's album, LAX, hits the stores next week but we couldn't help but list all the names dropped in the songs... This is not the complete list as we're sure we've missed a few so let us know and we'll add it! Artists Dr. Dre: 6 Times Biggie: 6 Times Tupac: 5 Times Kanye west: 5 Times 50...
  19. DaStonedGangsta

    Detroit gives Yung Berg "The Business"

    cap 1 (which is yung bergs bro) is plugged in the ppl from the d better watch out coming to the chi