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    Whats the name of the livewire song that sampled "Funky Little Beat" ???

    my boy said somebody from livewire sampled "funky little beat" lol i gotta hear that shit. who spit over that? does anybody know? good lookin in advance
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    Somebody hit me up when Rydah J Klyde come out with somethin new....

    whats good with rydah j klyde? i swear everything coming out the bay right now is garbage/below expectations and he seems like the only cat that can come with the ill mob shit. he working on anything new?
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    So were gonna act like D-Moe aint drop his new album huh?

    mozer man! 1. Intro 3:09 2. King Of The Streets 4:33 3. Run With Me 3:57 4. City Boy #1 3:54 5. The Look In Your Eyes Ft. Seah Kingston 3:50 6. Hating Ft. Homewrecka 4:13 7. Another 20 Racks 3:54 8. Keep It 1000 4:51 9. My 50 Cal 4:23 10. We Gettin' Money Ft. The Jacka 4:13 11. Like I Do...
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    Young Black Brotha Records/Khayree Appreciation Thread!!!

    this is the shit i grew up on here. khayree was a beast! todays music is lackin so much, its almost sad. from the live instruments to the constant mac dre samples, YBB was on top of this bay shit. feel free to post you fav YBB track L3TFGZlbxzs&feature=related W1iEWn_X2Y8&feature=related...
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    Somebody get Rydah J Klyde in the studio please...

    when the fuck are we gon get some new rydah??? that boy too ill to be layin in the cut
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    What ever happened to Trev G from the moe?

    trev g was nice on the mic! what ever happened to him? and what about playa p? paypa bound woulda been copped so fast.... for those who dont know who trev g is... (3:13 mark) <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    i thought i was the only that thought this. shit was bunz
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    Any info on the reggae cat that was on nickatina's raven in my eyes?

    all these years i have been looking for some info on this cat but couldn't find anything. i dont even know his name? (credits say "C. Water" but i heard it was popusie?). dude def made that raven track 10 times iller if you ask me......... <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    Siccness....... Stop sleepin on VADO! (sliiiiiiimmmee)

    im sure a few cats on here know about vado but for those of you who dont, stop sleepin! see cam'rons boss of all bosses mixtapes. dude got next.... slime flu mixtape next month. slllliiiiiiiiiimmeee <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    I need Young Lay's "Unsolved Mysteries" CD

    just like the title says. paypal ready. young lay unsolved mysteries....
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    Greatest compilation ever to come out of the bay....

    .... not named "Rompalation" This cd had the bay goin crazy when it dropped. I remember like it was yesterday that these tracks were in rotation in every whip, cd walkman, etc. I Think it sold about 70-80k if im not mistaken? Andre Nickatina's "Scottie 15" to "Drought season" feat Quinn...
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    so this is out already?
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    Shady Nate "Gasman Unleashed" = Album of 2009! (imo)

    This is the only cd I think was worth the money. Tear Gas coo but this one is straight knock front to back. Everything else that came out this year seemed like some project that was put together in 2 weeks... Discuss...
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    Shady Nate - Planes, Trains & Automobiles Video!

    shady the truth. one of few cats i listen to out the area... peep the vid
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    copped!!! amp >>>> everybody in the bay outside of livewire/mobfigaz
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    AMPICHINO ALBUM MYSERY A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i copped off itunes and finna go get a hard copy for the whip!
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    Ampichino Official Thread

    that mysery album is the dopest shit out amp! i stay bumpin it everyday.. im puttin my potnaz up on game too
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    who is this flowin on this sky balla vid??? homeboy came tough!!! whats his name tho?
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    Easiest way to convert a mpeg4/m4a to mp3???

    i got this track that i cant find anywhere else but its a mpeg4. how can i convert it to a mp3? i googled sum websites but they were giving me sum other shit...
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    School me on Joe Blow (from jacka's "shooters" track)

    is he on anything else? he came too hard on that "shooterz" track! shit... he was the dopest one on there. school me on this cat