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    Did anyone catch the hbo documentary called gaslands part 2? Part 1 is on YouTube. It's some sad shit what it actually does to the surrounding people that live near them which are scattered all over the Midwest and east. Yet these gas companies don't give a shit. Saw another video of this lady...
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    convert files for a ipod?

    I know somebody on here a few years back put up a converter for files so they could be transfered from a music download spot like kazaa or one of those places to a ipod but i forgot who.. i just bought myself a ipod nano and i want to use this shit in my car.. i got itunes and all but this is...
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    favorite sandwich recipes

    been looking to make a bomb sandwich lately, try something with a new taste.. put up your best sandwich recipe. heres mine, i came up with..shit is bomb as fuck, but the ingredients are bought at costco only 1 Cinnamon raisin bagel, lightly toasted... spread mayo on both sides... thinnly sliced...
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    cheap self storage in the town?

    its time to move out and i need to store some shit for awhile..anybody know of a place thats farely cheap for a 5x10 or 10x10 room? the cheapest i can find is U-haul, but i know theres cheaper than 10x10 for 140/mo..
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    40,000 POSSIBLY infected in LV with HIV,2933,334530,00.html anyone hear about this shit? 40,000 infected in Las Vegas cause these fucks in a clinic reused syringes. i saw it on the news yesterday..
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    whats your take on it, for those of you that like to watch movies on the reg?? is the shit worth it..better than blockBUSTER?
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    Mcdonalds monopoly

    who gots the yellow ventnor avenue? ill split the 25g with you, thats all i need.. or what about short line railroad, split the 100 with you.. come on motha fuckers lets do some trading
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    Police Impound Auctions

    anybody ever been to one and bought a car? perferably in the san diego area?what did you get/how much and was it in good shape? i just crashed my car and need a car quik
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    whats a good way to get rid of a gut?

    what works faster? should i take up running or just do straight up sit ups every day?
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    dotn feel like going to the movies?, check this site out

    got a site for you full movies, no download times, plays as soon as you click play. site has all new movies that just came out in tha theater.. enjoy!
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    The music appreciation thread

    if it wasnt for music.. damn we'd be lost/plain and boring.. right right? post your song that makes you really appreciate music.. I dont have one favorite.. but instruments only bring it all out for me
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    remember those games you played when you were young

    marbles.. was tight in elementary, diping in with yours, coming out with theres hahah.. were playing for keeps b..itch!
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    how much is copper per lb in your area?

    been collecting from my work everyday for 3weeks now.. got over 150lbs maybe more of that shit.. they jackin me by these messed up perhour wages while the same company on the east coast are makin literally twice what were makin out in cali. so im doin that shit back. copper running 2.80 lb out...
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    got a question about xbox360

    my bro finally got that red ring of death bullshit on his launch system. what we were thinkin of doin was, going to wal-mart and buying a brand new 360,cause all they do is scan the serial number for returns. takin it home and switchin the old cover off the now fucked up one and putin it on the...
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    halo 3 beta its gonna become available in a few dayz maybe 2 or 3, not sure. but if you got a copy of that game Crackdown. you'll beable to play the halo3 beta. when you pop in crackdown some downloadable live update should come...
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    PQ video to Ipod converter? anyone got it

    I had this almost a year ago from some1 here, but i just got a new computer and lost it. already checked the search menu and that download is expired. anyone here have it? its called PQ Video to Ipod Converter,shit was easy as hell to move movies to tha ipod, much appreciated if anyone could...
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    god damn drivers and theyre cell phones

    if you drive and talk on a cell phone FUCK YOU!! 2nd person who almost hit me today on the freeway and they were on a cell phone. i swear i can spot them out a mile ahead
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    gas rc cars

    im thinkin about gettin one called the X-Cellerator ,shit goes 50mph.. I need something to keep me busy since i changed to 3rd shift. got the whole fuckin day off! does anybody here have one?recommend one?
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    limewire 07

    who gots the limewire 07 edition? can anyone hook me up?
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    Gears of War xbox360

    check this shit out. I want a ps3, but I Also want a 360 for this game. dont know what system to get. game is pretty tight though