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    young gully / taj-he-spitz

    havent been up on any music out of the bay area in a minute.. is there anything new from young gully and taj-he-spitz?
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    anyone got an extra invite i could get?
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    rock the bells

    anyone know when the rock the bells tickets go on sale?
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    modchip install

    anyone know where i can get my 360 modded? i know the chip i need i jus dont know how to solder need someone to solder it in for me.. in the SF area
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    mick ross - everyday im hungry
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    young gully tonite show

    did this drop already?
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    the a'z

    do they got anything official out? mixtapes or albums..i was lookin on google for 'coastin' and i came up on this imeem page..she got hella a'z and solo shit by them on there but i never heard much from them anyone know what any of this shit is off of? like that 'im her favorite' by a.e...
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    websites for instrumentals

    does anyone know any good websites for downloading instrumentals to hiphop and rnb songs
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    Hip-Hop Car Stunt Leaves 2 Dead

    all ready knew when i read the title Hip-Hop Car Stunt Leaves 2 Dead By GARANCE BURKE, Associated Press Writer 2 hours ago MODESTO, Calif. - "Ghost riding the whip" _ a stunt in which a driver gets out of his car and dances around and on top of the slowly moving vehicle to a thumping hip-hop...
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    what song is it that goes

    im hella stuck i cant remember what song it is anyway it goes when she fuck up ima pimp thats stuck up ..loose lips get told to shut the fuck up nvm i got it..i thought it was off a thizznation but it was off the money iz motive
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    rip bay

    SAN FRANCISCO - Three with attacker fled, two occupants of housing project also shot, police say A would-be armed attacker was shot dead Thursday after he entered an apartment in the Potrero Hill housing project, according to police. Melvin Brown III, 28, was killed by an occupant of the...
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    does bmr have an album

    or does anyone know what cd bmr - everywhere we go is off of? been tryina get this song for a minute
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    mars iv's

    anyone know any spots in the sf bay area that still got some instock..need a size 10 in men
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    new san quinn song?

    anyone know the song playing on 106 right now? if you miss it it started off with quinn naming hella places in the bay area..and after the first verse he names a bunch of artists like keak, the team...hmm it just ended right when i was bout to hit submit maybe it wasnt a full was hard...
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    people talkin bout e40 bitin

    talkin bout he bitin mac dre with the stunna shades and tryina say he makin it look like he started it listen to the new federation track he sets all that shit straight northern cali i named it the yay the first rapper i seen with stunna shades was mac dre trend setters, hyphy started in the O...
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    these guys are bringing the bay back dont sleep on them
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    treal tv 2 soundtrack

    so the soundtrack is out on the internet but the dvd isnt...hope this means the dvd will be coming soon
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    rnb songs by rappers

    well i guess they ain't exactly rnb songs but shit like hey lil breezy - bailey 4deep ft clyde carson - when i tell you vellqwan - don't know me san quinn - butterfly young dru - every minute can yall name some more dope ones bay area or not
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    what song is this line from

    it's a track with md on it..i kno i got this shit somewhere i jus can't remember what song it go i'm not the sucka.. you motha fucka.. dre quick to trip and go blucka blucka
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    newest artist signed to thizz

    his name is average homeboy