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  1. jotti


    When does this album officially drop? live wire has brought me back listening to bay music no doubt.
  2. jotti

    who made this video? turf dancing Mac | 90th somedays i really miss livin' in the town.
  3. jotti

    Clyde Carson Thread

    that's a 2005 look... still waiting for mobb music to kick back in full effect. live wire is preferred right now.
  4. jotti

    HUS.... he coo?

    why someone jus hit me on the line sayin some shit went down with huss?.. i hope its a rumor.
  5. jotti

    haven't heard a good track from the bay.

    in a minute...someone put me on game. only two albums i'm checking for. jacka's and clyde's. everyone else has fallen off faaast
  6. jotti

    That new Clyde song off FREE GAME mixtape question.

    GET IT ON...its like 90second track... is there a full song to that? will it be on theatre music? shit is raw as fuk
  7. jotti

    Question : Who in the Bay is really still E A T I N ???

    someone prove me wrong, but I highly doubt any bay artist at the moment is gettin major paper anymore... thats just my guess, anyonebeg to differ on this? im asking because im trying to see who really has a working formula in this bay area music thing since the "hype" has passed... i know a...
  8. jotti

    DVD duplication HELP Req. for info

    anyone know a good local spot that does dvd replic. on joog? i need the dvds and sleeve or packaging. lemme kno thanks in advance.
  9. jotti

    Bavgate Official Thread

    ^ haha i agree wiiid that
  10. jotti

    Anyone know about OAKs 2HEATED?

    that had that one song hella shit slapd was wonderin if anyone knew about em
  11. jotti


    i jus got mine ...been slappin it all day. overall?? its coo. i think its worth to cop but as a major yuk fan... i got to say im hopin MDMP got a whole lot mo to offer. yuk still come with that kill spit, productions aiiite but the song with akon is fiiiire! couple of the mdmp...
  12. jotti

    berkeley TEAMKNOC new cd the Makeover slaaps!

    that shit go, i jus pickd up one they got they own style but with that pack kinda feel too it, production blapz tho. who else heard this cd? also got em for joog i think. also check for the info on them.
  13. jotti

    NEW YA BOY MIXTAPE Chapter 1 available here! in stock right now! my folks told me they got them instock and will be available today! Shit slapz hard from what I've heard off yaboys myspace!!!
  14. jotti


    marv is "B". case closed.
  15. jotti

    Question about song on YUKs myspace.

    anyone know what album or cd that song SHINE LIKE ME is going to be on or is on off yuks myspace page??
  16. jotti


    anyone know where i can hear some new J. Dandridge tracks?? dude put out some good songs over the year
  17. jotti

    "SO HOOD" VIDEO SHOOT post your pics

  18. jotti

    GUCE & MESSY MARV bay area dime piece casting call!! CALLING ALL MODELS and DIME PIECES!!!!!! This is an OPEN casting call for GUCE and MESSY MARV's video "So Hood" featuring CLYDE CARSON produced by E A SKI. If think u have what takes to be eye candy for the VIDEO and SONG of the SUMMER please send face...
  19. jotti

    NEW ALBUMS instores : MAC DRE / KEAK ETC

    bout to hit up rasputins tomar who got input on the following albums? mac dre uncut cd keak allndadoe mixtape farmboyz the jacka el dorado red which ones worth coppin ?? i got bailey that shit slap
  20. jotti

    DOE feat e40/lil jon track?? aint' this shit..

    that one track that never made the album?? but renamed n made "monster up" ?? shit slap mayne...but never made the album. is it on this sacramento cats album? what cd this gon b on??