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  1. CocaineBlunts

    Steve Hoskins = Worst Friend Ever

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds looked at the witness stand with a blank expression as a childhood friend and former business partner described how baseball's biggest star walked into the master bedroom at his spring training home along with trainer Greg Anderson, who had a syringe with a needle...
  2. CocaineBlunts

    J Stalin Ft. Lil Retro, Lil Blood & L'Jay - Self Made Millionaire VIDEO

  3. CocaineBlunts

    Looking For Madden Players On PS3

    Starting a new madden online franchise league tryin to get 32 people who wants in? Must be active we advancing every 3.5 days (2 games a week) Fantasy draft Starts Next Sunday its on all madden 8 min quarters League name is Real Deal 415 reply or message KillYaB1tch on playstation network...
  4. CocaineBlunts

    Thug Lords The Thug Money Album

    whens this droppin?
  5. CocaineBlunts

    Fruity Loops 7 XXl

    Fruity Loops 7 XXl CRACK This is FRUITY LOOPS 7 XXL INSTALLER AND THE CRACK TO MAKE IT FULLVERISON. Run the installer file, run the crack, and that is it!!! enjoy Password:mtfromcc
  6. CocaineBlunts

    The Hot Box With Box Kev 106.1 KMEL

    i had a question to anyone who can answer it. me & my boy were driving back from the city last night at about 2 AM and box kev was playin the slaps. Is there anyway to get a playlist of eveything he played last night??
  7. CocaineBlunts

    Master P & J prince

    watch this shows alot of love
  8. CocaineBlunts

    Fuck Armando Benitez

  9. CocaineBlunts

    Bavgate Official Thread

    good lookin
  10. CocaineBlunts

    Bavgate Official Thread

    whats the name of that song steady mobb'n sing? They are performing it live on the treal tv 2 dvd. talkin about smokin
  11. CocaineBlunts

    Baseball 06

    Ive always played the EA Sports MVP series for ps2 but with the MLB rights being bought they only came out with MVP NCAA. So now its either MLB 2k6 or MLB '06 The Show, which ones better?
  12. CocaineBlunts

    Mac Dre Song

    What album is this song off? Goes Im the boss the owner head hancho stack chip cheesed up call me nacho Im not yo run at a the mil im the king of the hill you see the bling in my grill I Keep it elegant stay hella bent if it aint about money boy its erelavent hella tint on the windows on my...
  13. CocaineBlunts

    Rumors Bout Dre they fuckin startin hella shit on norcal udnergrounds fourm spreadin hella rumors
  14. CocaineBlunts

    Only U

    Someone needs to spit on that Only U by ashanti, that fuckin beat is stupid
  15. CocaineBlunts

    Cal Wins

    41-6 Bears were shittin on em A Big FUCK YOU to the stanford fans :)
  16. CocaineBlunts

    Whats The Plan for 2005?

    Just wonderin if we have somethin to look foward to in 2005.
  17. CocaineBlunts

    Jabowes Jeans

    Jabowes (sp?) anyone seen these jeans? fuckin clean im bout to go cop some but, anyone know if they got a website?
  18. CocaineBlunts

    On One

    Just listened to The On One Mixtape and the shit slaps! Just wanted to give ya congrads on the album..
  19. CocaineBlunts

    Big Selp Rock - The California Project vol 1

    01 Intro 02 Till Death We Ball Feat. Bad Mouth & Homicide 03 City Of Sak Feat. Gp The Beast 04 Last Bus 05 Survival Tactics Feat. Yukmouth 06 We Got Dat Feat. Homicide, Mac Dre, & Skeem 07 Skit 08 Young Black Man Feat. Original Heads 09 Shins Feat. Kapitol Boyz, Floss...
  20. CocaineBlunts

    Fully Loaded Mixtape

    Whens this shit droppin?