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    for free 30gb ipods or the ipod nano(4gb) go to...
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    swap meet

    when is shit gonna be available in swap meet again, everything is marked "not in stock", the only ones you got are the ones i could easily buy at best buy or someshit
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    n9ne record sales

    can anyone here tell me how many sales tech had for each of his albums, CBTS, worst, anghellic/reparations, absolute power,vintage tech?
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    does doomsday do any shows over in LV, if so how many do yall do, cause if i ever plan on goin to vegas, thats the first shit i gotta check out, fuck the strip and all that
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    Season of da Siccness covers

    i know this is a uselss thread, but is there a reason there is more than one cover, front and back, for SODS, because the CD i bought and the cd i downloaded have slightly different covers, any reason for this?