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  1. badnewz

    "Free C-Money" mixtape is dope Chicago rap.

    he was the best thing outta chicago in a loooong time.. check out his youtube page
  2. badnewz

    TWISTA – DEVIL’S ANGEL Off Twista’s The Dark Horse album which drops on August 12th(2

    what u mean because of this post? who fucked with you?
  3. badnewz

    Bizzy Bone on B-Reals Smokers Box

    I thought they made a song together.. that would be cool.. I always thought they had similar voices
  4. badnewz


    this shit is west coast 100%
  5. badnewz

    L'A Capone - Round Here (Official Video)

    hell yea.. I can get down with the lil nigga.. lovin that beat on that song u posted
  6. badnewz

    Caviar Dreams

    Daaaaaaaaaamn.. Cap 1 snapped the fukked off on this album.. I highly recommend this shit.. Cap 1 is back !!! NJ-vTo0J4bM
  7. badnewz

    L'A Capone - Round Here (Official Video)

    I just heard about this dude, I thought this song was dope.. then I find out he's dead!! got killed last September!! only 17 !! wtf man.. sucks.. dope shit though check it out w38MidKsWqE
  8. badnewz

    Bone - WWIII

    Uni5 sucked dick.. Kray loved it.. art of war sucked, he did almost all the songs on that .. lol just sayin.. most albums he had a big influence on sucked.. I hate his singy songy choruses.. they sound like shit.. imo he ruined bone in general.. people are just too busy licking his balls to see
  9. badnewz

    Bone - WWIII

    I agree.. Krayzie has flow, but his song writing skills are wack .. he ruined a lot of bone albums imo
  10. badnewz

    Doe Boi - Cymatics - FREE DOWNLOAD

    good shit pimpin.. Chi 2 da Double I
  11. badnewz

    Man sentenced to 32 years for December 2010 murder(C-MONEY)

    damn WTF.. he fucked up BAD...he was the shit when it came to beats.. TOO RAW
  12. badnewz

    Twista - Beast

    shit is dope as fuck.. I also liked that Intro song better as well though.. beat is so old school
  13. badnewz

    Sinna Row n' Doe mixtape download

    been down with slc since day 1
  14. badnewz

    DJ U neek clears things up about UNI5 album and plays clip of new Bone album!

    Eazy MADE those songs for them, thats why they are so good, its becuz eazy had his imprint on them. When they are on their own, they cant make songs like E1999
  15. badnewz


    everything you need chi is right here
  16. badnewz

    Bone Thugs new song FALLIN! TWE cut

    I cant believe people like shit like this
  17. badnewz

    Bone Thugs New song! EAZY E!

    they trying to make a buck off Eazy still?