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    Anyone listen to Reggae?

    I just started getting in to reggae music. Can anyone recommend some artists? Looking for some kick back chill music.
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    New Toy

    Picking her up next week. Six Dirty Six. Anyone else ride?
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    Started my full sleeve

    Heres's a few pics. Im about 4 hours in. Basically its a fork in the road with two paths. One path is worn and the other isnt. It reminds me to choose for myself and not because others have done it.
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    Now that Obamas won

    Time to play the race card. If he fails the black man will be holding us down!!
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    DJ MARK 7

    Can you make a tupac mix ?
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    Anyone been to that zone ball?

    My boys wanna go to the zone ball. Is it crackin or a waste of 30$.
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    What messy marv song is this

    Its goes like this; This is for the player in you this means you gotta stay true. Another line is; Whats up star i wanna get to know who you are. i
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    Anyone go to raiders games

    Im got tickets for a raiders game for free. Whats the best way to get there from sacramento? Should I catch bart in concord or drive all the way to the stadium and park. I hear parking is like 25$? or something so let me know.
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    Be real here

    Im 24 and this 18 year old broad got at me. Would yall get at it or not? 6 years difference. Yall think its too much or no?
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    Gettin a new ride!

    Got me a bucket everyday car. So this is the weekend warrior. Waiting till my loan to be finished and its on.
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    James Brown, The originator of giggin? How do you embed?
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    Damn, this system slaps!!!
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    Close call video

    Think you had a close call? The best one is at like 4:30ish http://
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    Nightlife in SAC

    I'm trying to figure out the good spots in SAC for clubbing/bars. I usually hit up Avalon, zokku, or momo's. What are some other good spots to hit up.
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    Mac Dre Mix?

    A while back someone on the siccness made a mac dre mix and put it up for free download. Does anyone who downloaded the mix still have it? My cd's got jacked and I used to bump the mix daily.
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    Anyone work for apple?

    My buddy has a friend and says he can get me an interview. It would be at the store level doing shipping/receiving. If you work there or know someone who does can you tell me what do they pay? And is it a good place to work?
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    Does anyone think todays music is garbage?

    Does anyone think todays music is garbage? I dont think I have used my radio in close to 1 year. I cant stand any new music. What do yall think?
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    Need picture help

    Im trying to size a picture to use it on my desktop as a background. The pic right now is too big vertically. Can anyone shrink it if I send it to them so it will fit?
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    I saw the most intimidating dog today

    Presa Canario This thing was 120lbs and red brindle...Not the dog exact dog I saw today but pretty much what it looked like.
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    Computer people...MAC's

    I am wondering what the best browser for Macs is. I use firefox and it craps out on me sometimes. It just gets stuck or the screen gets all funky. I dont really like safari. So whats left to choose from?