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    DE On Dinner an A Movie

    Just wanted to congradulate you DE on a job well done, Im lovin the skits on Dinner and a Movie. Any else heard it yet??? Hopefully through Lynch's big break you can get your big break u deserve, Can't wait for the new material sir, and come out to Orange County for a Concert sometime
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    Anyone know some good ones?? I was using the freestyle madness blog and got all the new stuff before they shut it down. One thats decent for music and programs is and yes its safe to click that link just weird name
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    random find browsing youtube at work

    looks like that spinal tape movie
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    [Video] Bizzy Bone On Rap City [3-8-08]

    Of course Bizzy had to finish his most recent freestyle with a PCP reference. Id love to see him more clear headed as a person, but I can't lie, when hes intoxicated hes just better. His new stuff is pretty good in my opinion, after about 2002 he started sucking it up a little bit, hes...
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    I just put me pre order in for this. for ps3. suppossed to be the goriest first person shooterr ever good online realistic missionns im exited about this . anybody gonna get it?
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    New Tech N9ne: M.L.K. - July 17

    Wow thanks for the link. Tech has really mastered his style. I really think hes the best thing going in hiphop/rap right now. And That songs proves hes only getting better as he gets older. THANKS FOR THE LINK :)
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    If its 10 times better than L-Burna it will just be mediocre, some dudes just can't cut it as solo artist, stick with the pack
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    New Tech N9ne "Vintage Tech"

    That Be Jelous is one of the good ones on there. "Be Jealous, when you see my on the tv scrren wilen, when you see in the magazine smiling, Ha Ha motherfucka Ha Ha, " CAnt weight for that new religion cd to pop out.
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    New Tech N9ne "Vintage Tech"

    Im Speechless off This Cd, This is the most impressive Ive ever heard Tech N9ne, This is not a unreleased Cd thats mediocre, Im lovin this, Tech comes Tight and the mix of the type of songs is crazy, club shit, crazy shit, church , that Save yourself is on my answering machine
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    Gangsta Dre re-release

    Gansta Dre just came out with Gangbanging Poetry remastered, If you like Sac Town rap I suggest you swoop this. Ive talked to a lot of Lynch fans and DE fans and when I mention Gangsta Dre they have no idea who he is. Hes a pioneer that rarely gets mentioned. Grab this, and Survival On The...
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    DId DE, Show up in the Fresno Tewt???

    I thionk it was 345 400 so I guess me and my friends were late because something came up, just wondering if it went down, hopefully somebody convinced you to do a Concert here in the future, I got a guarrenteed 12 dudes and a few biddis, just lookin for a date, or if its Gilroy or Santa Cruz...
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    DAmn I live in fresno and i was comin back from my attornys office actually with bass bumping and i started to feel my car shake, not a bass shake, so i was like, damn what the fucks happening, i looked to my left and nobody was trippin so i went home. I guess that shit was 5.6 in Frisco or...
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    I thought it was great as usual. DE signed a Damn That De poster for me so I'm about to get it framed. He was passing out flyers and Look Me in My Face Though flyer's coming out October 9th, I gotta pre order that. I was tellin Him how LINK IN THE CHAIN hella inspires me in the morning...
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    NFL 2k5 $20.00!!!!!!

    I just swooped up NFL 2k5 last night for 20 bucks. PS2 and X BOX. I didn't get it on the street or anything it's that amount everywhere. FOr the money of a few rentals you have the game, this is a steal, its getting good reviews and the graphics are real nice, you should check it out on...
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    ANTICON which stands for Anti conformity is in my opinion the tightest hip hop label and most abstract, This dude Dose One from the group Themselves is fuckin awesome, tight flow, perfect lyrics and beats, i suggest u check it out
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    Whos Goin???