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  1. Formaldehyde Rx


    My man bitchass... 8cgdHzD2T1U I swear to god if this wasn't the Wu tang concert I went to....
  2. Formaldehyde Rx

    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    Any of You Fuck with this game?.......................? I play it.........
  3. Formaldehyde Rx

    Colts & Titans Collude to Fuck over CLEVELAND

    Another example of how the NFL is full of scumbags................
  4. Formaldehyde Rx


    Do you think your smart? Well...............................................
  5. Formaldehyde Rx


    If you want to see it go see it in 3d its a whole different movie and a fuckload better.
  6. Formaldehyde Rx

    Edward Abbey On Immigration

    In the American Southwest, where I happen to live, only sixty miles north of the Mexican border, the subject of illegal aliens is a touchy one. Even the terminology is dangerous: the old word wetback is now considered a racist insult by all good liberals; and the perfectly correct terms illegal...
  7. Formaldehyde Rx

    Organ harvesting of FALUN GONG practitioners in China

    I got a flier about this at school is this shit true? If it is what do you think? A death camp where they harvest organs from live...
  8. Formaldehyde Rx

    The Gambit

    In the game of chess there exists a term; which describes a maneuver, a stratagem, and a ploy; using different pieces working together, to accomplish a secret purpose. This is called a gambit. Those who hope to build totalitarian control over freedom loving people, also use many gambits. BUT...
  9. Formaldehyde Rx

    What should the Jews Do?

    Should they give up Israel and be dispersed around the world? Should they all be put into camps and gased? Should they leave their futur in the hands of people convinced that they are racially superior? Should they make recompense with their sworn enemies? Should they invade their neighbors...
  10. Formaldehyde Rx

    Al Gore runs it down the line I watched this whole speech and have to say that I agree with the dude. What do you think? Is what he said accurate? Could you see american's doing something about this or just sitting and taking it afraid of upsetting the status Quo? Basically does...
  11. Formaldehyde Rx

    BUSH INCOMPETENT.....!!!!!!

    If there was any doubt left of the ineptitude of GWB it has been totally obliterated by recent events. What is the first thing he does when disaster strikes? He calls his father and the last guy who had his job to deal with what appears to be just too much for him. In my opinion he should...
  12. Formaldehyde Rx

    The things that are going on inside you as you read this?

    The Intricacies of your biology and how it is affected by your and other peoples decisions about what is best for you,.....Do you ever think about this? I will be sitting in this chair in which I am indeed currently sitting and begin to suppose that I can see my guts like mr. goodbody. Eating...
  13. Formaldehyde Rx

    Post graduate education.

    If you are planning on continuation of your studies after your bachelors degree I have some adivice for you in your undergrad. Take it don't take its just some shit I wish someone would have said to me. Use your fellow students: Organize something be it meaningful or meaningless. Get as many...
  14. Formaldehyde Rx

    Patriot act Banking double standard

    Im sure you all know they just enacted this new banking system in which there is very little to no time from the time your check is recieved to the time it is "verified" by the bank. This means if you write the check monday with insufficient funds and get payed wednesday hopeing that your...
  15. Formaldehyde Rx

    Halliburton is allowed to roll your ass.

    Army Plan Lets Halliburton Keep Disputed Payments By NEIL KING JR., Staff Reporter, The Wall Street Journal The U.S. Army, in what could be the final twist in a complicated and drawn-out controversy, is laying the groundwork to let Halliburton Co. keep several billion dollars it was paid for...
  16. Formaldehyde Rx

    Freeware links?

    Im looking for an audio ripper/ mpg to mp3 converter (for free) if you know anyother freeware links post um if ya got um.
  17. Formaldehyde Rx

    Brian Quig

    [perfectunion] SNET: 911 - High Treason (fwd) 911 High Treason 6-25-3 Brian Downing Quig - Investigative Reporter >From [email protected] Folks: Brian Downing Quig, was Killed Monday, June 16th at 2-230 AM PST, Brian was hit by a car at 75th Ave. & Catalina Dr. in Phoenix Arizona...
  18. Formaldehyde Rx

    Camby gets Crushed

    You know you dunn fucked up don't ya Fucken with Mr. Formaldehyde Sensitivity as a weakness, sincerely soft and sheepish, howlen at the womb lick your wounds Cuz you a she bitch~ Believe this, ain’t no reprieve from soul secrets, beggen to be consoled in untold online leaflets~ Be a...
  19. Formaldehyde Rx

    Martin Luther on Jews

    Its true the Christian Church has a deep seeded love for Jewish people just read this. "THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES" Extracts From the founder of Protestant Church Martin Luther's booklet: "THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES" (1543) Volume 47: "The Christian in Society"IV, (Philadelphia: Fortress Press...
  20. Formaldehyde Rx

    STOP pandering poletics

    Its is ruining this forum both sides are shitty to eachother and neither will convince any sensable individual by solilciting/regurgetating articles. THis is not the campain forum poletics is not intellectual it is an attempt to fool people I dont give a shit what part of the political circle...