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    Mac Dre Vinyl (Thizzelle Washington) sound quality?

    well, if there is no distinction than the vinyl version should be as bad. cd version was neither mixed nor mastered properly...
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    Mac Dre Vinyl (Thizzelle Washington) sound quality?

    Does anbody have the vinyl version which came out in 2017? Since the mix and master was awful on the cd version I am wondering how it is on the vinyl version...
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    new DEVIN THE DUDE album 10/19/2010

    Track Listing 1. It's Goin Down 2. Come & Go 3. I Like What U Do 4. Shut Up 5. Gotta Be Me 6. No Need To Call 7. Gimme Some 8. You So Real 9. They 10's 10. Jus Coolin' 11. Ain't Goin Nowhere 12. When Will I Win 13. F**kha 14. I'm High
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    what happened to Tela?

    Where did Tela dissapear? does he stil still rap? didn't he want to bring a new album out in 2006 or something? anyone knows whats up with him?
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    whats this song??? starts at 4:15.....
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    Yuk's UGA vol.1 dvd song question

    been looking for this song for ever. I think its by suga-t or the click. it plays at 1:28:55 on the dvd where kavio from the mossie and suga-t are in a tourbus or something... anyone knows the name of the song?
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    I think its just a persona
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    new bavgate coming soon... check out new sonngs kinda nice
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    always liked this dude although his last album was dissapointing. but he got a funny and unique style... loved his lazy flow. what happend to him? he dropping anything new??
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    West Coast Vaccine instrumentals

    is there a instrumental version of this album available????
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    lol I was just thinkin the same
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    Which Dre Dog album u prefer????????

    battle of his classics. I Hate You with a Passion vs. New Jim Jones