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  1. nlrwriting

    Twista on Being First Major Label Signee From Chicago

    He's a cool cat. I interviewed him for Xplosive a few years back. Talented dude with a good head on his shoulders.
  2. nlrwriting

    Digital Press-Kits...the new era. Step your press game up!

    I am now offering digital press kits. DVD format. Fully custom tailored to your needs. This is the easiest and most effective way to get your info to promoters, labels, distributors, radio, ect. Some of the most competitive prices in the industry. email me at [email protected] for more info.
  3. nlrwriting

    Looking for homegrown NW production!

    Who got NW beats? I'm looking to work with the NW's finest underground producers on production placement for upcoming NW releases. Hit me up and let me know what you got. Send snippets, head-shots, press kits, ect. to [email protected] Lets do work!
  4. nlrwriting

    2 Cats about to come out and represent the Oregon Coast real soon.

    As far as I know (besides juggalos) there has been no representation from the 541 coast in the NW Hip-hop game yet. So i'm dropping this to let y'all know that I am working on releases and press kits for the coasts hottest 2 artists. Keep an eye out for them and I'll be back to drop some sneak...
  5. nlrwriting

    NLRWriting back on the NW scene.

    I'm back fam. What's been good? I know its been a while but I got some new stuff on the way. Let me know who you would like to see get some more press out here and what's been going on since I went ghost. 100
  6. nlrwriting

    NLR Writing is back from his break and ready to move!

    Just thought I would touch base with my NW Siccness people to let you know that we are gearing up this winter to start a new push for spring 2010! I have some big plans and even bigger bridges for my NW people to take advantage of. So be on the lookout for changes and lots more news from us here...
  7. nlrwriting

    Check my interview with the NW's own Ike James in the next issue of Seaspot

    Check out Seattles own Ike James in the next Seaspot magazine and at his myspace here: and hit my myspace for the latest interviews at Respect
  8. nlrwriting

    Look for the Swag interview in the next Seaspot...

    Swag is doin' some big things out of the Northwest. Look for the interview in the next Seaspot magazine and the full version on coming soon!!! Check him out on his myspace at and hit me at on my blogs for the latest interviews from...
  9. nlrwriting


    I know Kutt, Tech, Scatt, Snug, and Kalico personally and those cats are the hardest working dudes in Hip-hop and Good dudes. Scatt and Snug are some thugs but it's all good! lol KC got heat!
  10. nlrwriting

    No Violence in Kansas City on Election Day!!!

    Good to hear. I hope that will be the feeling all over the country with my dude Obama in office...time to unite and make a change! "YES WE CAN!!!!!"
  11. nlrwriting

    Let me know what y'all think.,..

    Bout to get some local youth groups to fund raise and bring dude to the NW. Hit me for a list of HOT Christian raps. Let me know what you think! God Bless...
  12. nlrwriting

    Let me know what y'all think....

    Might get some local youth groups to fund raise to bring dude out here. Let me know what you think! Dudes name is FLAME Check out the track called "Hold On"....PURE HEAT!
  13. nlrwriting

    Metallica - Best album?

  14. nlrwriting

    Look for the Northwest in the next XPLOSIVE magazine.

    It's a good look for the NW so be sure and cop a copy of the next issue and get at my myspace blog and let me hear your who's and why's! RESPECT TO THE NW! The Pacific northwest is the corner of this world that made me who I am today! So to show some love back to my people out here...
  15. nlrwriting

    I'm comin' out to P.O....

    I'll be out there on the 22nd to cover Poh Hop with my dude Miles! I need some ladies to escort for the weekend and want to touch base with as many of you P.O. cats as I can while I'm out there. So be at me if you want to meet up and chop game. Hook ya boy up IT'S GOING DOWN!!!!
  16. nlrwriting

    Proof Avenue...???

    Am I sleep or what? What y'all know about these cats?
  17. nlrwriting

    Concert Promoters!

    I'm looking for anyone who has experience in planning and execution of major theater shows with big name artists. I'm venturing into the live performance aspect of the game and need a good team to help me get the new company off the ground. B @ ME!
  18. nlrwriting


    Be sure and cop the latest Xplosive magazine to read my exclusive Tech interview talking about all his latest and future projects and the possible retirement of Techs rap career! Respect!