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  1. EvilBo$$

    You guys need to learn to relax!

    Stop stressing about Trump and all this news bullshit. Just open a beer and relax and watch this relaxing video man..
  2. EvilBo$$

    I will paypal you $1 if you vote for me in Just Blaze Rhymestars Contest

    yeah but Riff Raff is not ugly. he made it on his looks... so yeah! Also paypal me 20 dollars and I'll for for you
  3. EvilBo$$

    I will paypal you $1 if you vote for me in Just Blaze Rhymestars Contest

    This is a very good and evil plan!!! I love it!!
  4. EvilBo$$

    This place is more dead than Twitter !

    Wow and I thought twitter was dead!! this site is dead!! But Joker will be back to bring some new life to this place.... i will be back very soon... to introduce a little chaos... if i stop being lazy... ha ha ah aha ah ah ah ah ah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
  5. EvilBo$$

    For those of you going through the hurricanes !

    For those of you going through the hurricanes... !!!! Don't fear! Just get drunk and listen to this beautiful song!!! Hurricane.... but you can call me Sluricane!!!!!! ha ha ah aha ha aha ha haz h ha h ah ah haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!
  6. EvilBo$$

    So is the sicness pretty much dead ??

    This place seems to dead lately.. lol I mean i hardly even come here anymore. I think Joker needs to do some video to spice this place up.. but i think it i will never have action like when that guy broke CDs with a little golden hammer because Kill Tay got banned... those were the good days...
  7. EvilBo$$

    Alex Jones curses ! epic rant!

    Now this guy has the best news show ever! He knows how to handle business and cuss people out. I would actually watch the news if they could be entertainig like this!
  8. EvilBo$$

    America First!!!! get it through your head!!

    Get it through your head!!!! And 8 years of Trump! Globalist? no! Goblins? no! AMERICA first!!! get the through your fucking head!!!!!
  9. EvilBo$$

    I don't like them putting chemicals in the water!!!!

    I don't like them putting chemicals in the water!!! they make the freaking frogs gay!!!! do you fucking under stand that!!! wake up you sheep!!!
  10. EvilBo$$

    Malki Means King - Put It In The Air (Music Video)

    this is horribe is sounds like 2010 swag fag rap. you need to get on the mumble fast rap to keep up with the times.. you are to late with this horrible sound. Behold what real music sounds like!
  11. EvilBo$$

    Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light!??

    also new video tonight.. it's your reckoning !!!
  12. EvilBo$$

    Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light!??

    Hey hey joker is back!!!??? did you miss me??? i fooled you all!! I am back this site it to boring with out my insane antics!!! ha ah aha ha aha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! A little fight in your.. I like that!! ha ah aha ha ah ah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! sorry jack joker's...
  13. EvilBo$$

    lil windex

    what is this garbage ??
  14. EvilBo$$

    The Pros and Cons of Marilyn Manson

    I think his music and especially this song is great I vote many pros and no cons. What do you think ?
  15. EvilBo$$

    new Bone Krayzie Bone dark shit what im going through !!

    Yeah that new waves was pretty soft.... but the Krayzie solo Eternal Legend.. and his collab Thug Brothers are hot.. here is a sample of some new and good Bone music!
  16. EvilBo$$

    We trying to get high, rising higher than most

    This song is great! Who else heard that new Bone Thugs? you can get the album here to. I love this shit
  17. EvilBo$$

    Sad Satan the most evil and sicc game online!

    Here is sad Satan the most evil an sicc game ever online. The things in it were so sicc the guy playing almost threw up enjoy DarkNet Files and Horror Scary Stories online: Sad Satan most evil game on the Deep web most sick deep web videos ever!
  18. EvilBo$$

    Lil Uzi is a bitch ! he will kill himself for Marylin Manson!

    This piece of shit wack rappers needs to hurry up the process. He wants to wait till 27 to kill himself for Manson. Why wait till then? we are sick oh his horrible music. and he has a special place in hell for that annoying music he makes here have a beer! ::beer::
  19. EvilBo$$

    Jay Z - 4:44

    Jay Z is not evil enough for me to listen to
  20. EvilBo$$

    No about is talking about the alcohlism problem in America

    Why is no one talking about this very important yet evil topic? did you know alcohol takes more livers every year? More than fatty food and soda combined.