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  1. J

    Spice 1 says fuck migos any young rappers hating! VIDEO

    Historically in hip hop we paid homage to those who paved the foundation. Let's be real though nobody on top going to acknowledge anyone who isn't on their current level. Spice has the right feel how he feels and is voicing it. So do they. And I guarantee if they embraced him from jump Spice...
  2. J

    New single "Mary Jane" produced by Traxx FDR

    What's good y'all. New single "Mary Jane" dropped today.
  3. J

    New Single "Mary Jane" produced by Traxx FDR

    What's good y'all new single out today
  4. J

    The Fader says we're in the last days of San Francisco rap. Do you agree?

    IDK bro but I'm back. And I'll be shooting another video this weekend in Sac.
  5. J

    Why hasn't Richmond contributed more the Bay Area's Hip Hop scene?

    Don't forget Nio the gift. And Traxx from the Rich just produced my new single.
  6. J

    Jimmy Da Butcher "Pull up" produced by Traxx FDR link inside.

    What's good Siccness? Been had my foot on the gas lately. My new single dropped today.
  7. J


    It's been remastered and is available everywhere digitally. Appreciate the look.
  8. J

    Jimmy Da Butcher "Cold World" video

    Appreciate your support 💯
  9. J

    Behind the scenes of my new video "Cold World" coming soon. Filmed by my son.

    It's about midnight one luv for the support!
  10. J

    Behind the scenes of my new video "Cold World" coming soon. Filmed by my son.

    Behind the scenes of my new video "Cold World" coming soon. Filmed by my son. He's 13 and getting gamed up. Appreciate the look.💯
  11. J

    New single "Calling Me Back" Produced by Traxx from the Rich

    I'm still having fun with this shit. Check it out.
  12. J

    Still inside

    All my singles including my latest "One for the money" featuring Sufur is available on all digital outlets. "Calling Me Back" produced by Traxx FDR to follow soon. Appreciate y'all 💯
  13. J


    I got my own team anyway.
  14. J


    It really don't sit right with me. A thousand people can rock the same beat. And take a percent of publishing from everyone who's used it. What if an artist leased a verse to a thousand people for a percentage of their publishing? Find the same 16 bars on a thousand projects? With hella...
  15. J


    Feed back welcomed.