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  1. pworldrydah

    Messy going at Philthy Rich

    Shady Nate been screaming free maybach. He said it in that phone interview with Coop that he did a few weeks ago.
  2. pworldrydah


    Lol im not J Klyde. I was on my Mob Figaz shit tough when i made this account. Somebody thought i was Dubb 20 too. I needa change my shit up.
  3. pworldrydah

    DB Tha General Thread

    Yea i think them Arabs been had gas.
  4. pworldrydah

    Bavgate Official Thread

    i was thinkin bout that a few days ago. i need another copy of that in yo face vol 2
  5. pworldrydah


    Man Fik dope. Needa hurry up n get my laptop fixed so I can download
  6. pworldrydah

    C-Bo & Ap.9 getting at Dr. Dre

    I was going thru some of my old mixed CD's tonight. Listening to all of em in full. I came across this heater right here!
  7. pworldrydah

    No disrespect to anybody...just a lil hump day comedy
  8. pworldrydah

    Messy Marv homo
  9. pworldrydah

    Clyde Carson Thread

    I'd slap an elderly white lady wearin a pearl necklace in walnut creek for another team album.
  10. pworldrydah

    Balance-Please Do Not Swagga Jack Me

    Aye im tryin to find a spot to get that single. If balance himself could post a link or anybody know where to get it at?
  11. pworldrydah

    Anybody else a lil upset Dorrough didnt have 40 on?

    Nigga replaced 40 wit Snoop n Nipsey Hussle.....shit aint right. More Bay Area blackballing
  12. pworldrydah

    **Spinoff** Whats been the best Bay Area Vids since 2005?

    Im'a go with "20 Bricks" followed by Frontline's "When You Want It" and "From The Hood" comin in atta close 2nd n 3rd. Big Rich's "That's The Business" and Rahmean "Woo Woo" get honorable mention who you got?
  13. pworldrydah

    Has E-40 ever did a track witta Mob Figga?

    I've been wondering if this was something i jus happened to miss, But even A-Wax has a track wit Rydah J. Klyde. If it hasnt happend yet, how the fuck niggas aint fucked wit each other yet?