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  1. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Pac-Man actin like a lil bitch right now! (re:Marquez)

    :confused: It doesnt sound like he wants it much.
  2. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Free Room In Orange County haha dude who made that is a clown, i highly doubt thats his own number either :siccness:
  3. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Ahmadinejad's Columbia Speech

    Wow. He certainly has the gift of gab. It's rare that we get to see a middle eastern politician speak freely in our own country after the media has slandered his name repeatedly. Interesting =0
  4. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    SF to build westcoasts tallest Skyscraper 2014. this should make the skyline look pretty dope. SAN FRANCISCO - Architects unveiled three competing plans for a new downtown skyscraper and transit hub that would be the West Coast's tallest building. "Today is an historic day," Mayor Gavin Newsom said as he pulled away a black...
  5. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Bonds hits 756!!

    This should technically be in the sports forum, but this is a milestone in sports history that everyone should honor :cool: Congrats Barry
  6. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Bloodsport (yeah, with van damme)

    In the movie, why do they question the legitimacy of frank dux's right to be there, making him prove himself with the "dim mak"....meanwhile biker-trash jackson with his trasher beard and curly fro walk into the competition with no questions asked? food for thought. :siccness:
  7. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Lavish Japanese restaurant in Brentwood

    SoCal's Brentwood obviously, sorry east bay folk lol Check this place out, the decor is a trip and the food looks hella good there's a lotta buzz about this place lately. PS. not spam. im just hungry as fuck right now haha
  8. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    few Jacka concert Pics/Short Videos

    I was in NE portland for jacka, traxamillion and fed's neighborhood show, that shit was coo, I didnt snap that many pics cuz it was a short set and I wanted to enjoy that shit haha, but here they are. K9RvZF_jH1w zSTCEQdJaLI Okvj3csfjRA wjxssvx0ZB0
  9. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    "I wasnt driving, the black kid was" - Lohan

    lol bitch is hella crazy, the video interviews from her involuntary passengers is hella funny
  10. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Greasiest Food You've Ever Had??

    I've had my fair share of over greasy shit, but im going with. Blondies Pizza (concord), the stoners working there dont know what the hell is going on. I could drain that pizza of its auburn grease for days. Another Honorable mention for pizza places, Fat Slice in berkeley gets the award for...
  11. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    This kids dope

    Giovanni Dos Santos ls0Hz6AmQ4Y mexico has the world cup locked in 2010!
  12. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    This is some UNHEALTHY shit!

    Deep fried Mars bar, they sell them in scotland normally 1zfFjcgu8MM krispy kreme luther burger _17gCgXfGyc
  13. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Chaos at Mayorga vs Vargas presser

    Mayorga gonna whoop that ass! KfCv4PzsX10
  14. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    I forsaw the future...maybe

    Had a few dreams last night, one of which included me seeing a t-bone automobile collision. Flash forward to about an hour ago, i'm standing around the taco truck getting my fix of a carne asada torta and i'm gazing into the intersection and *BOOM*...t-bone baby. pretty nasty one too. I'm on...
  15. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Rob Zombie's Halloween trailer

    hell yeaaaaah, it looks like Rob flipped it nicely dtR9Fxz2lng
  16. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Faces of Meth

    Thats right, you tweakers take a good hard look at this before you smoke that shit again!
  17. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Sex Scandal at DVC Sex For Grades Scandal Rocks East Bay College WALNUT CREEK -- The Diablo Valley College cash-for-grades scandal has taken a new turn with reports that sex may have also be traded for better marks. The newest revelation has come from Gary...
  18. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Post your Southern Cali pics

    Post up pics of your city, favorite spots, whatever... preferably pictures that you've taken yourself Newport
  19. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Paste Whatever You Have In Here...

    not so random...i was just looking at 350's
  20. Don Hollywood Godzilla

    Pitbulls are weak, its all about...

    mean ass dog