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  1. yee

    Barbershops in Concord/Pleasant Hill?

    Can anyone recommend a good barbershop in the concord/pleasant hill area,i usually go to Marks in El Sobrante but I'm out in Concord alot more now than at home,any help?
  2. yee

    need help picking equipment,starting out as a dj

    i wanted to know if anyone knew if this equipment was good for a dj just starting out?
  3. yee

    tat shops in vallejo or the east bay?

    I'm tryna get my first tat does anyone know any cool spots to get tatted around the east bay (richmond,berkley,oakland) or around vallejo?
  4. yee

    computer help?

    so my computer was working normal and it still is but now whenever i put a cd in my computer doesnt read it for some reason and i checked my device manager n it says " This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if...
  5. yee

    drum kits?

    i remember there used to be a thread with hella drum kits in here i guess its gone but does anyone know where i can get some drum kits for FL?
  6. yee

    computer broken, help?

    My computers been broken for about 2 weeks now, it won't fully boot. When I turn it on a screen pops up and says "ntldr is missing,press ctrl alt del to restart" I pressed ctrl alt del but it jus keeps happening. Does anyone know how to fix this or why this happened? Thanks for any help siccness!
  7. yee

    the young & the restless - so sexy

    does anyone got any info about this group? or what cd this song is on if it is on a cd?
  8. yee


    He got the full version of Yo, on his myspace does anyone know where i can get this, i remember from the frisco street show sampler it said that it would be on Hyfy City that was supposed to come out back in like september but i dont remember ever seeing it...
  9. yee

    Fuck i got my first speeding ticket

    fuck so on fuckin new years day i gotta fuck up and get my first ticket, can anyone tell me how this works? like what am i gonna have to do kuz i dont know shit about what happens from a ticket, will my insurance go up no matter what?
  10. yee whos been on this site? i think this site's raw, a music version of youtube
  11. yee

    San Quinn,Keith-O, DJ Q-Bert - KIDS DAY

    come out and show some support
  12. yee

    sidekick 3 usb question?

    I just got my sidekick today and i plugged in the usb so i can put some songs in it but then my computer says it cant identify the usb i checked tha manual but it said to just plug it in and it should work but its not,does anyone know wat i could do to make it work? thanx
  13. yee

    how to i get the club price? do i have to sign up at the store? cuz i cant find it on the site
  14. yee

    START VOTING FOR THE BARS AWARDS TO PICK YOUR TOP 8 NOMINEES VOTE ARMANI DEPAUL AS BEST NEW ARTIST check sicctunes in a minute ima lace it with some of his songs if yall aint heard em SICCTUNES LINK
  15. yee

    PSP w/ Fight Night 3

    I'm selling my PSP coming with Fight Night 3 make offers if interested pm me for pix too lazy to do them right now haha and it comes w/o original box
  16. yee

    kmel summer jam? anyone got any info

    whats up wit kmel's summer jam? i havent heard any promotion about it at all usually around this time i'd already be hearing bout it, is the summer block party concert taking the place of summer jam? if so that shits weakkkk
  17. yee

    Verizon Vs. Tmobile which one should i get?

    i'm tryna choose between getting tmobile or verizon finally steppin it up from a metro! haha if i get a tmobile i already know im getting a sk3 but i wanted to know what other phones i could get if i got verizon, does anyone know which is the best phone to get on verizon?
  18. yee

    video of husalah chillin outside his house before he turned himself in
  19. yee

    a good site to look for used cars?

    does anyone know any good sites to look for used cars in your area?