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    Banger, especially 1:06 onwards
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    Ramirez Official Thread

    I may have posted this song few yrs back on here. Still slaps. It's like some 3-6 mafia
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    DJ Screw Discography w/ Uploads

    You can still access the links via webarchive. I managed to complete the entire discography few years back Direct link: (then copy/paste only the bit) e.g. here's the link to chapter 001...
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    White people

    What you are alluding to are the migrants and refugees from the Middle East. That's purely a political and religious matter. Few years ago when the influx of migrants was peaking, Slovakia sarcastically issued a statement that they would only accept Christians because Muslims wouldn't feel "at...
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    White people

    We had our own I guess and older to boot :D After all the bloodshed, tyranny, and invasions over the last couple of centuries throughout our Balkan region, there were still gypsies with more rights than you Afro-muricans not only 60...
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    Who got sum gangsta shit?

    ESG went off on this one. This line cracks me up every time I listen to it "Bout to take their fuckin truck, their lexus or their old school, you can run like Michael Johnson, nigga be dumpin for your gold shoes" lol
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    Who got sum gangsta shit?

    Pimp-C & Spice over Screw joints
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    Uthanizm - Spider insert

    Don't forget this gem. It's a damn shame he never came out with a solo around that time.
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    Boxing News Thread

    Fury got robbed despite the two knockdowns. Sheistyness in the sport continues on. I swear some of these judges should serve prison sentences for these robberies lol
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    Horror/Scary Movies Thread

    Haha, I always hated that part about Germany. Literally everything is dubbed. Don't think so man. If I see something extremely corny, I typically turn it off right away. Thriller type horrors were always entertaining to me though. As a kid kinda liked Cujo lol. Earlier siccmadesyko brought up...
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    Fall from grace (Sicx, Young Droop, First Degree the D.E)

    The features/production carried those albums than him per se. I mean someone like Balance is never brought up and the guy was fire all over his projects. Take this song for example
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    -List of Sacramento Diss Songs-

    I honestly can't recall Doc mentioning him in a song. Going back to the question from page 2 and the song What Would You Do. Is that aimed at C-Bo/Sicx? Who had Tre-8 beef at that time? Speaking of posting, what happened with 2-0-Sixx?
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    Horror/Scary Movies Thread

    Not a fan of horror flicks because most of them are simply terrible like you said. Have you watched the French horror A l'interieur (Inside)?
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    Fall from grace (Sicx, Young Droop, First Degree the D.E)

    No play for Southbound and FU vol1?
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    -List of Sacramento Diss Songs-

    Damn, totally forgot about this thread. What a coincidence though as I was skimming through the diss tracks again, "Checkmate" came up at the same time when the actual song started playing in the background (was listening to UDI) haha lol lemme add one more to the the list od Doc disses. Young...
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    Lynch muisc dont cut it no more

    Damn, where was all this unreleased shit all these years... smh
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    Smiley, you gotta collab with this guy lol l_RyWwHNM6c H8ULIw0Zgaw
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    Charlamagne Tha God vs Chanel West Coast

    I know some folks find it annoying, but her laugh was always the best part about her imo
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    Kendrick Lamar "DAMN."

    Look, you could argue X-Raided became more lyrically oriented over the last couple of years, but to me his music still resonated the most in the mid 90's- early '00s. It's the overall package that was better back then. Similarly it was pretty much the same thing with all the so called dope...
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    Kendrick Lamar "DAMN."

    Personally I think the guy has great video production (although I think sometimes it is a spinoff from Hopsin). Strictly speaking though about his music, I could never get into it. Like everyone has already echoed in this thread his voice, to his delivery and flow which I find boring as fuck...