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    "Finally" New Single From Mass

    Download here 2nd single off his upcoming album "Loyalty is Everything" featuring Netta B 1st single "Real Nigga Movement" feat Yung Lott 9uWRlkRgk_8
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    Some Flicks From Today

    From my facebook cuz I'm too lazy at the moment to upload them to a higher res site LOL
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    Mass - Real N*%#A Movement

    Havent seen this posted yet 9uWRlkRgk_8
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    Pixar's Newt Concept Art
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    RBL Posse's Black C "Why They Hate" video

    ft Young Shaad tm0OsawZppo
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    G-Man "Towerside Let's Get Money" video

    Remix ft Money Beasley, Jesse James, Ace, Nooch, Yung Dirt & Booh _7qGBeuWbHA&feature
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    (H2) HardHeadz "Glitter" New Video

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    RBL Posse Presents TroubleMaker - Base Rock Music

    CjfUmJbYMUU Single from TroubleMaker's upcoming album "All I Have To Give" coming soon
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    If I dressed up like an old man would I get my head smashed in?

    I wish these bitch ass 90's babies would try to jump me!:devious:
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    Black C - Brand Nu (official video)

    feat Simon and A.R. To9wENI0eGE
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    How many of our siccness folks are stuck in traffic?

    Protesters straight shuttin shit down! LOL
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    Sa.Mo.Ends - What's Up Uce! Featuring Savage
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    New Painting....*WIP

    was lookin thru some old class binders and I found a concept sketch that I forgot about...thought I would scan it and turn it into an illustration. Not sure about certain directions where I wanna take it but I'm havin fun wit it since I upgraded(legally LOL) to Painter 11.
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    Karma=You record a beatdown and post it on the net...

    so you get run over trying to record a motorcycle at a sideshow?
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    Hermanata " I'm On" video

    RBL Posse Presents Hermanata "I'm On", New street single off album (Product Of The 80's) Produced by: Hermanata Directed by: Brian Storm fVN-ymig1F0
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    Black C - 70s Baby

    tMb_Qe7-1Lw Will post more updates soon...
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    Fat Bastards...

    Got this from another site thought I'd share it wit tha sicc...some 3d renders...shit had me dyin! I know alot of yall was thinkin I was referrin to Steve but NO LOL
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    Black C - Stay wit Me ft Hermanata

    off his new upcomin album 70s Baby tMb_Qe7-1Lw
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    Tis tha Season ...

    for some new flicks LOL