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  1. P.E.

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    Trump,or anybody trying to stop and prevent full blown socialism in America!
  2. P.E.

    Tech N9e and E 40 ! No K

    why is Tech nine wearing 3D glasses from the movie cinema?! lol smh
  3. P.E.

    Fuck a cable tv bill...fuck netflix

    two words for ya!...Ares Wizard! this to your Kodi, it updates everything to the current configuations and you can select how you want your kodi to look by selecting a build(skin) for it,..kind of like how people use to decorate their Myspace page! haha,... they got rid of alot of bottom...
  4. P.E.

    Trump running SCARED in the Bay,lol..

    Check Out the Stealth Move Trump Just Pulled to Dupe Protesters in California
  5. P.E.

    R.i.P ..... David Bowie!

    "...a true Legend!... travel well Ziggy Stardust!
  6. P.E.


    smh,..still cant believe they cancelled that great cartoon!..weaksalsa!
  7. P.E.

    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    my cuzzin Dominator from Triple C aka Central Coast Click produced/produces alot of tracks for Criminal and them and just about everybody else in the Chicano rap game! FaShO!
  8. P.E.

    Robin Williams found dead

    you have to have intellect to understand Robins Comedy!,..i dont expect sum of the kind of dudes there is on siccness to understand that,..the older cats on here know what it is im talking about!...he was up there with the likes of George Carlin,and Johnathon Winters,..u know,...Legends! R.I.P...
  9. P.E.

    Robin Williams found dead

    i cant believe it mann,..the guy was so loved world wide,..he was certainly one of my favorite comedians of all time,dude was on point witht he voices,..mann, this fucking sucks big time!....but they say he checked himself into rehab so he wouldnt slipp,..but also for depression,..have u seen...
  10. P.E.

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    can u watch like all the saturday night main events from back in the day and like the super stars of wrestling episodes with jesse the body and heenen doing commentary?!...what about older stuff like the matches on them old coliseum home videos they use to rent out at the local video stores on...
  11. P.E.

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    is it on xbmc?
  12. P.E.

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    unedited or nada
  13. P.E.

    Brickleberry on Comedy Central....

    Brickleberry Season 2 Episode 2 - YouTube sum funny ass shit! lol
  14. P.E.

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty
  15. P.E.

    Anybody Listen to Latin Oldies & Chicano Soul?

    TUNE IN NOW, ..its "Radio Aztlan".....every friday night from 8pm-7am..nothing but the best in Latin oldies and Chicano soul and more!...check it out brah goons,..they play them rare shits,the hard to find stuff too,songs you prolly never heard in your life before!...real shit for...
  16. P.E.

    Cruisin' Oldies

    TUNE IN NOW, ..its "Radio Aztlan".....every friday night from 8pm-7am..nothing but the best in Latin oldies and Chicano soul and more!...check it out brah goons,..they play them rare shits,the hard to find stuff too,...real shit for the grown,ol skool folkers! on Air: "The Dreaming...
  17. P.E.

    The Los Angeles Lakers

    The Lakers are dominating your Friday news cycle. After we learned Mike Brown's son was dealing with threats on Twitter, we got a double dose of Lakers news when the coach was fired five games into the season. The other bit of Lakers news is that backup swingman Devin Ebanks has reportedly been...
  18. P.E.

    The Los Angeles Lakers

    Gasol is more of a fundamental player so he will seem soft but he comes thru more then anything so he'll be ok!...refs not giving him his calls dosnt help him either!...also,mitch dont play,.if this shit keeps up then i see mike getting fired with the quickness,..only reason he had them good...
  19. P.E.

    Apocalyptic Sounds in the sky being reported Around the Globe!

    what you guys think of this shit...has anybody heard anything like this in their area?! the vid up if u can plz thanks!... Apocalyptic Sounds from Around the Globe!!! 2011 - 2012 - YouTube Strange sounds are being reported from all around the globe!!! Many different cities, through out...
  20. P.E.

    When it comes to dying,wut would you rather know..??

    If u had a choice,would u rather know... your gonna die?! ....or when your gonna die?! .....and why?!.. Not sure wut id choose, prolly want to know when,this way I can prepare for the end and be ready and just take it as it comes Wutever the situation may be! Wut bout u?!