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  1. Er1ka


    What are you? J RZ & my's long lost love child?
  2. Er1ka


    Where's my new charm and your d00d n00dz at?!
  3. Er1ka


    What's good, fagmos?
  4. Er1ka


    Poasts. Remember the gay ass threads we used to make when we'd hit a certain number because we thought we were the shit? Yeah, this is an example. HURRR DEE DURRR DA DERRRP (wild drp)
  5. Er1ka

    Awhile ago I had a h6rr6rc6re dream

    It was me, an aquaintance I've known for a min named Karin, and some other bitch I don't even know because her face was blurred out. Anyways, us 3 bitches are walking down a street and get kidnapped by an old man (EBD) and thrown into a brown child molestor van. Karin & I end up in EBD's living...
  6. Er1ka


    Whats with all the nu-jugg poasters? WEWP WEWP OMG PEWP CHUTE :cheeky: MMFWKCSKRAWERNBL P.S. Some of you still suck fucking ballsacks. I've been too busy rollin' in the cash, hittin' the bottle, goin' heavy with that piff, and fuckin' ya dadz to be poastin' smart ass remarx.. :siccness: Keep...
  7. Er1ka

    Ask Another Board Member a Question.

    Chree: Sent out Chreestmas cards yet? Raven: How do you get your boobies to grow so beeyig? G-Dubb: Roofies? Got any? SMCrazy: Why do you have a lisp? Ungod: Why is your nose huge? RickDogg: Have you been hitting that crackpipe lately? pSiX: Just HOW dark are you? Tim: Get laid yet...
  8. Er1ka


    Has been sucking bawlzackz. January better be kicking some bawlzackz or else I'ma be pissed, yahurrme? Hurry up Jan! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd youuu hereeeeeee nao! >:(
  9. Er1ka

    Where the fuck you reside at?

    Ann Arbor, MI. The homeless dude that dances to Michael Jackson in the alley. Hella graffitti's there, it's pretty dope. JEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Eastern Mich University Penis Water Tower! Downtown Detroit around this time.
  10. Er1ka

    Missin' someone?

    Yep, me too. FzAsBFj4fR8
  11. Er1ka

    DJ Suckafree Presents:

    ^Click To Download^ PRESIDENT'S DAY FEATURING:
  12. Er1ka

    Funny Pics MIR Style

    Get to photoshoppin' or hittin' image generators up. If you need someone's pic, hit up: THanks in advance.
  13. Er1ka


    Zzi4JvutAxg Knowabouddit.
  14. Er1ka


    I JUST CAN'T HIIIIIIIIIDE IT dB9mBa9bka8 OH SHIT *boogies* I'm excited for January.. I can't say why...But.. What are you fools excited for? Chreestmas?
  15. Er1ka

    KFV gettin' hate on FB, of all places lol

    I lol'd.
  16. Er1ka

    What are you on right now?

    Vicoprofen. They're niiiiiiiice. :cool:
  17. Er1ka

    Happy Thanksgiving, you fucks.

    I prolly won't be online tomorrow, so I wanted to drop some of my fave people a line sayin' HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Eat and get lethargic as fuck for me.
  18. Er1ka


    who took a pewp today?
  19. Er1ka

    Am I the only one who

    thinks beer pong is hella dumb as fuck? All the college kids over here think it's hot shit. Wow, you can throw a ball into a cup and drink the beer. How about you substitute the beer with some liquor? That'd be better!
  20. Er1ka

    Are you serious?

    LEFTOVER XTCY is away 2:13 pm "I heard your new song son, yo this your year" Why don't you run along and tell your girl to bring it here You got no balance, combined with no talent Disgraceful, you can catch a face full of phallice Color me callused on a retribution tangent 44m ago Stay in...