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  1. Cranky

    Black Sabbath 13

    This album is pretty fucking good. I'm actually amazed at how good it is. Surprised Ozzy can come back after 30 years and Sabbath can still do metal they way they invented it and better than anyone else.
  2. Cranky

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Thank you! Iommi and Geezer are the shit
  3. Cranky

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Speaking of metal pioneers, anyone have a link to black sabbath's new album? Drops next week. First one with Ozzy in 30 years.
  4. Cranky

    Did Lynch really cancel Halloween EP?

    If so, that sucks. I think he's been gassin' lately and was lookin forward to some more new Lynch...
  5. Cranky

    Mastodon- The Hunter

    God damn it Stargasm is the shit. Feels very Crack The Sky-esque
  6. Cranky

    Mastodon- The Hunter

    Listened to it a lot @ work today. Pretty solid album but I miss the long epic mind blowing songs that were on CTS. Stargasm and The Hunter are getting a lot of play right now.
  7. Cranky

    Mastodon- The Hunter

    After one listen I feel about the same B-buzz. Hopefully it gets better after soaking it a few times, but I was disappointed after listening once.
  8. Cranky

    Mastodon- The Hunter

    Thanks for posting this. Been Hella anticipating this one. Crack the Skye was the shit. Anyone have a link to the deluxe version?
  9. Cranky

    New G-macc album is on iTunes

    I'm downloading it now. Can't believe it's on there so early. Supposed to drop Sept. 20th I thought? Hope it goes hard!!!
  10. Cranky

    Anyone watch the UStream of Lynch?

    That shit was cool. Glad Lynch did that shit....He said he'll do another one in a couple days....
  11. Cranky

    CHS hasn't leaked yet or what?

    Don't trip, I got my preorder in and I'll buy a copy the day it drops. I just wanna hear the damn album already....
  12. Cranky

    Is ATL - Uncle Sam's Curse a classic?

    I brought this cd out the archives and been bumpin it all week. Great album that I never hear people mention.
  13. Cranky

    Idea for the album Coat Hanga Strangla.

    I was just listening to krayzie bone's double album from '99 and I personally would love to hear a 'mr. sawed off leathaface and coathanga strangla track. Anybody feeling me? I don't know if krayzie still spits and sings tight but I could see lynch and krayzie shredding a cut.
  14. Cranky

    So....Dinner has been out for a minute

    And I can't believe people aren't still talking about this album. I'm still listening to it all the time. Lynch really surprised me and impressed me with this album. First rap album I've heard in a very long time that isn't getting old to me. I listened to Loaded the other day after not...
  15. Cranky

    Dio has rocked for a long long time... too. i saw him with Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell two summers ago and it was the shit.....RIP DIO.......
  16. Cranky

    Deftones Diamond Eyes

    Decent album.....I'm not a big Deftones fan. I saw them at a show two nights ago and it was cool, but still not all that impressed with them.......
  17. Cranky

    Any of you play Guitar? have that backwards dude....if i'm reading that right you are tuning your guitar upside down.....
  18. Cranky

    Strange Store: Any different Lynch shirts on the horizon?

    The one that came with the preorder is sicc.....I've wanted a lynch hung shirt for ages and ages. The Dinner and a Movie one is hard as fuck too. I'm about to cop one....but are any other shirts going to be available? I really hope you make one with just the album cover on it. That would be...
  19. Cranky

    G-Macc & Strange

    Is Strange Music interested in signing G-Macc too? That'd be fuckin' tight if they signed him. I wasn't really up on G-Macc until I heard how hard he ripped it on DAAM and it made me buy his online Vampire album which is hard as fuck!
  20. Cranky

    MidEvil = Dinner and a Movuh?

    I was just thinking about this today, but wasn't Midevil supposed to be a Movie Album originally after Loaded? Dinner and a Movie is like the never released MidEvil album, FINALLY.....and it was actually worth the wait!!!!! Amazing album.....