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  1. E.S.LoCC

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    Damn... :cry: R~I~P HOT ROD
  2. E.S.LoCC

    Schoolboy Q shot at...

    Denver...We Jus Lyke Compton.
  3. E.S.LoCC

    Lookin 4 Colorado rap

    @mR.SiPpYGeTiPpY..."Tha Locstas Videos And Junts"...Damn...Forgot all about that shit!...Back in tha day around 10+ years ago when me and my bro were still sharing a computer he put together that website with all his cds/tapes and all my videos...Our collections are way tighter nowadays...
  4. E.S.LoCC


    Here ya go playa... Download Silent Pitt - Welcome to the from - send big files the easy way
  5. E.S.LoCC

    Delinquents "Alleyway" - Old School Bay Video

    Was watching some old school bay muzic vidz on youtube and noticed that this Delinquents video has not been uploaded there yet,so i figured i would upload it...Hope ya'll enjoy it! The Delinquents - Alleyway - YouTube
  6. E.S.LoCC


    Most def wanna show love/support to tha D~Town Legend/Icon...I'll be there. Welcome Home Zilla!!!U Tha Mayne!!!
  7. E.S.LoCC


    Your pm's are full jloc...Lace me with tha rar password for that Pitt!
  8. E.S.LoCC

    In The D Documentary

    I wish it was about Denver! It's a documentary about Detroit rap...Yawn I gots tha old B~H~P Black Hole Posse Documentary "Mile High Behind the Scenes" on DVD.It shows you tha hood,inside tha old Spins Records and Tapes store,concert footage,studio footage and more...Shits pretty dope!Denver...
  9. E.S.LoCC

    Wrestling Magazine Scans

    Any of ya'll dig old school wrestling magazines???Here go a couple wrestling magazine scans for ya'll to download and trip out on...
  10. E.S.LoCC

    Raiders @ Broncos 12/20/09

    It's that time of year again...Time for the annual "Kicc Some Raiders Azz In Tha Mile High" game!Too bad Jokeland is a joke so this wont be much of a game.Shits gonna get ugly quicc and will be over before half time.I predict Al Davis suffers a heart attack in tha thin air of Mile High...
  11. E.S.LoCC

    Chargers @ Broncos 11/22/09

    Orton betta play or this game could be a complete nightmare...I may have to rush tha field and tackle that bitch Rivers myself!I wonder if tha Chargers old QB Jim McMahon is available to play for tha Broncos?Maybe he can teach us how to do tha Superbowl Shuffle!
  12. E.S.LoCC

    Whats Your Favorite Xmas Movie/TV Special/Cartoon?

    Xmas is right around tha corner...Time to get in tha holiday spirit!Whats your favorite Xmas Movie,TV Special,Cartoon? One of my favorites is the ultra rare 1980's Christmas TV Special "A Christmas Dream" starring Mr.T and Emmanuel Lewis A.K.A Webster. Mr.T...Webster...1980's Christmas TV...
  13. E.S.LoCC

    B.M.W. Sabotage

    ^^^Rip & Upload It!!!^^^
  14. E.S.LoCC

    Ric Flair Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Commercial

  15. E.S.LoCC

    Dre/Snoop on Yo MTV Raps ~ Dre's Baccyard BBQ

    How many of ya'll remember this shit???Classic episode of Yo!!!
  16. E.S.LoCC

    N.W.A:The Comic Book

    You can download the entire comic book right here... If your not familiar with reading digital comic books or .cbz files you'll need a program to read it,i use ComicDisplay... Or if you dont wanna use...
  17. E.S.LoCC

    B.M.W. Sabotage

  18. E.S.LoCC

    Ice Cube Mack 10 Live At Superbowl 33 Preshow{VIDEO}
  19. E.S.LoCC

    denver rappers?

    i owned tha tape bacc in tha day but sold it to one of tha homiez...just got tha mp3 now...Tight old school Denver shit!!!One of my favorite diss tracc's of all time!!!
  20. E.S.LoCC

    denver rappers?

    Peep this early 1990's DJ Quik diss tracc by tha Denver rap group GSOM