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    Dr. Daniele Ganser about 9/11 and media created enemy images

    cgkQXJ3mugY Video has english subtitles
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    Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders

    Ah, a singer - then it was Loon for sure.
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    Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders

    NSBfUAFDgaM@HERESY You guys talk about Shyne ? He was involved into a lot of shit for diddy.
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    AZ is back

    I know you guys give a fuck anyways, but hopefully some of you will appreciate it even if its german rap. WG-KtnIMJY8 Raps: Azad & MoTrip Scratches : DJ Rafik
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    Attack In Paris Leaves 118 Dead

    I feel so happy, that we can all together join forces again and send troops to syria, soon. You allready started so send some troops, and now we all can fight together for france there. We will bring Freedom & DemoCRAZY just like in Afghanistan & Iraq or Lybia - Fuck yeah !!! 9RC1Mepk_Sw...
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    Tell me why u mad son

    new ?
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    Just Curious

    what it sounds like to you 9GX32Xrvpng ZyXT5QzyBPI
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    Tha Jacka died last night. RIP

    Hey Siccness, need your help real quick. This seems like a scam to me since ap9 was like "just mobfiggaz will tell you donations & stuff" - maybe someone who knows for a fact can clear the situation. Instagram @AP9
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    enkWPy3yt-8 Since Norte Rap turned into shit you gotta hold on to real talent like him.
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    I really NEED YOUR HELP !!!!!!!!

    In Europe you guys need to talk to European Dudes to change your Government - since 2001 all of you guys know your Administration is way out of Control - we need the help of EVERYONE of you guys to help you and us to get out of this crazy situation - I really realy need the help of everybody of...