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  1. X-9

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    Looking out for this one. Is Traxster producing this at all?
  2. X-9

    BALANCE presents "BAY AREA'S FINEST" compilation !!!!!

    Damn, I had no idea @BALANCE 2K7 still posted here. I still own your debut "Young & Restless". Good to see you still active.
  3. X-9

    Rest In Peace TNT of Natas...

  4. X-9

    Three 6 Mafia aka Da Mafia 6ix - Watch What U Wish (Album Cover + Tracklisting)

    1) What What U Wish... 2) Dat Ait In ya feat. La Chat & Fiend 3) 50 Bands * 4) Gimmi Back My Dope * 5) Walk Wit Me feat. Locodunit * 6) Why Must I Sweat Da Track feat. Fiend 7) Forever Get High feat. Fiend 8) Hundid Thou Wow feat. Billy Wes & La Chat 9) Residence Evil feat. Wacy Loco 10) No Good...