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  1. bfeddy balla arrested in las vegas for sexual assault....slapped with $1 million bail

    i dont condone but i dont believe the bitch!!! some of yall just eat the news go ahead and tell me whatever sucka shit you want....
  2. bfeddy

    Looking for a MAC DRE track ...

    City Side Crew............
  3. bfeddy

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Fatal EP

    I thought it was good, nice to hear some Ballin Ass Dame. Who he talking shit about in most the tracks tho?
  4. bfeddy

    Celly Ru x Skar x N$N Klippa - My Hands Dirty (Official Music Video)

    Would be a dope collab! Keep it coming!
  5. bfeddy

    Celly Ru x Skar x N$N Klippa - My Hands Dirty (Official Music Video)

    yall doing an album? @EklipsDaHus
  6. bfeddy


    Also Fuck that puto Cesar M!
  7. bfeddy


    Similar situation next door in C Town(Carnelian) they still active out here but not in the hood like before.
  8. bfeddy

    NSN Klippa x Lace Leno - Blood Kousin's (Official Music VIdeo)

    you always had a dope flow! still do, i swooped Block Bleedaz on the fluke back when it dropped and that shit slaps!
  9. bfeddy


    they not the only ones, i seen multiple videos of dudes clowning...smh
  10. bfeddy


    whenever i slide thru Sac i always stop at the South Area Market! Papaya salad is FIRE!
  11. bfeddy


  12. bfeddy

    Bay Rap

    my collection is huge, i dont think i could ever sale it. It takes me back through time. I used to go Rasputins every Tuesday, multiple times a week. I went to every Raspuins in the bay just looking for cds, as well as Streetlight, Amoeba, frisco street show,etc..
  13. bfeddy

    Ramirez Official Thread

    is he part of Triple 6? ADR?? I been sleeping!!
  14. bfeddy

    Little Bruce so crest/Vallejo challenge

    he ripped that shit! was not the best but not the worst. I think Duna was the worst so far
  15. bfeddy

    Rydah J Klyde - Rydah Music Vol 1

    do you happen to have that Last Supper album? I need that Cougnut track!!!
  16. bfeddy

    Jacka - Not me (no tags)

    does not ring a bell, i dont think its d dre or mess. Has to be some random mixtape, could be wrong tho
  17. bfeddy

    Where to buy bay area rap cds

    They pressing cds?
  18. bfeddy