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    Lil Pete

    Wow he really fucking sucks to me. I can’t believe anyone would play these songs by choice. Anyway - only my opinion. And tortuous, I have to thank you for your relentless posting despite the lack of activity on this forum, because you have alerted me to a bunch of music I would have otherwise...

    A-Wax Streets Callin

    Can you believe that some 17 year old kid produced this track? Super slap

    New MAC DRE artwork 18x24in

    Super DOPE

    Kamala Harris Proposes Executive Orders to take all your guns ! Bidens vice lord lol

    Trump had done nothing? How about: 1. Destroy ISIS by cutting the head off the snake; 2. Significantly lower the probability of a World Nuclear War by meeting with Kim Jong Un and improving these relations. He should have won a Nobel Peace Prize for that ALONE. 3. Save taxpayer money by...

    Kamala Harris Proposes Executive Orders to take all your guns ! Bidens vice lord lol

    I'm not even a US citizen but you're more wrong than two left shoes. It's the exact opposite.

    Dru Down - Livin Legend (God Willin) Pt. 1

    Yea i saw he brought back Ant Banks!!!!

    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Listening to album now. A-Wax never disappoints. First spin through, the standout tracks besides the one we already have released are Shuttle, As Advertised, Neva Seen and Pretend Potnaz. I dig a-wax autotune use it doesn’t bother me at all but this album has none.

    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Best news I heard in months.

    Looking for song name on a husalah track

    There’s also this song which slaps but I don’t think ever came out either.
  10. FILA|AUS

    Ramirez Official Thread

    thanks for posting - that album is FUCKING DOPE as hell. Great find !
  11. FILA|AUS

    GAME INSANE! Looking for T1

    my favourite is that “Fuck The Sane” track on the second album. All their albums are on iTunes, I just went and gave them all a spin. Definitely under rated and well and truly ahead of their time both on rhymes and production. The whole package was so well put together, the image, the sound and...
  12. FILA|AUS


    SLAP, this guys from Marin:
  13. FILA|AUS

    Awax or Joe Blow

    No competition as far as music goes to me, A-Wax is in a league of his own.
  14. FILA|AUS

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    Agree it keeps getting better with every spin.
  15. FILA|AUS

    Ap-9 last 3 albums

    I liked some of his stuff but AP9 carries himself like a complete attention deficit disorder having lame and stinks of a compulsive liar. I cannot listen to anything of his anymore.
  16. FILA|AUS

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    I'm bumping this now, it's already the 10th this part of the world. As expected - another classic, every track slaps. A-Wax is a real maestro.
  17. FILA|AUS

    Lil Pete

    Lil Pete is the most boring rapper in the world to me. Dude puts me to sleep, I don’t see the appeal of anyone listening this.
  18. FILA|AUS

    AWax new album

    Man I’m pumped for that album I just wish he’s drop it finally .
  19. FILA|AUS

    Philthy Rich – Cancun (Official Video)

    Wow, I will put this one when I’m suffering from insomnia, Jesus Philthy really knows how to put me to sleep sometimes. I can’t think of a a more boring song in years.
  20. FILA|AUS

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    I’m not a fan of any A-Wax material pre: Everybody Loves Me 1, massive fan of everything post that. I feel Pulling Strings was his magnum opus too but I really feel his music improved even further post his nonstop production era. In fact, Pushin Keyz to me was his worst album since ELM1 and...