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  1. BorsaLino

    How to Make it in America

    Surprisingly ..good ..HBO show .. It's got everything ...weed ....titties ...Luis Guzman ... Check it out ..
  2. BorsaLino

    Incarcerated Rapper news???

    Any news..?? Sky Balla? Dru Down? Taj-He-Spits? Anybody else..?
  3. BorsaLino


    Ya MON. No doubt MON. That's about it MON. All of it. Keep smoking that BOB.
  4. BorsaLino

    Indo..LIVE in the

    The SLAPMASTER is with KOBRA ABYSMAL in the
  5. BorsaLino

    SOLOMON KANE - movie - Check It Bleak, brutal and bloody as hell, angsty throwback hack-'em-up Solomon Kane kicks a raging new life into the swords-and-scorcery genre -- largely thanks to a tremendous performance from James Purefoy. Created by Conan The Barbarian author Robert E Howard, Kane...
  6. BorsaLino

    Live action AKIRA movie

    Warner Brothers has inked a deal to turn the six-volume graphic novel into a pair of live action movies. Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to produce the films, and anime aficionados will be happy to hear that Akira’s creator, artist Katsuhiro Otomo, will be working with the production in the...
  7. BorsaLino

    Dark Void

    What's the word on DARK VOID? Worth it?
  8. BorsaLino

    The Killer Inside Me ...2010

    Its showing now at the SUNDANCE Film Festival. Sex, Death & Sadism. "A West Texas deputy sheriff is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer" It has Jessica Alba in it. "This violent, stylish psychosexual thriller is imbued with all the amoral energy of its genre and is sure to shock some and...
  9. BorsaLino

    The Last Airbender

    This holds some promise.
  10. BorsaLino

    SAW 3D vs. Paranormal Activity 2 ...Haloween 2010

    We might not need either of them but...they might be coming. "It's a move that ratchets up the rivalry between Paramount and Lionsgate for Halloween 2010 dominance. Saw franchise partners Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate have just exercised a contractual option and installed Saw VI director...
  11. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today

    Young Bleed - How ya do dat
  12. BorsaLino

    Repo Men, MacGruber - trailers

    Repo Men MacGruber
  13. BorsaLino

    Edge of Darkness

    This could be alright. PLOT: As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.
  14. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today

    MAJOR LAZER Check this out:
  15. BorsaLino


    What's good with MR. Pimpin' Ass ? What up MDASH? What's new? Looking forward to some new music.
  16. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today KOBRA ABYSMAL featuring INDECENT. Smooth track. ENJOY
  17. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today

  18. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today

    January 01.2010. Haji Springer Damn feat Matt Blaque & Goldtoes
  19. BorsaLino

    the year of doing it GRANDE

    January 01. 2010 3:10 AM Song Of This Moment in Time: I feel '09 was huge for the Bay. I huge year for music period. So many DOPE songs, albums, etc. I feel 2010 will be the year of doing it GRANDE, like the Smokin' Nephew says. Sign in if you agree in...
  20. BorsaLino

    My favorite song today

    Dec. 24. 09 vibe to this Belly and Snoop - HOT GIRL