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    pac-lil homies

    i could give a fuck if this thread gets 1 1/2 views,lil homies by pac and ghetto gospel are the truth whish there was more music like this in rap nowadays...proceed
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    santa monic pier?

    anyone been? im lookin for somwhere to go fore like 2 days and chill cause i gotta drive down to taft federal prison and drop my boy off but im tryna make it into a rode trip too is this place coo? or any other ideas of places to go stay in the la area
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    ayone else fick wit brisco?

    i think dudes raw anyone else feelin em? does he got an album?
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    is dude still on cash money/young money or did he get dropped
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    lmao hunnid racks

    i just noticed all their gay ass banners on here anywhoi cant wait to try their new blunt 'hustla grape' guranteed to make you stack that paper after blowin one
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    car accidents???

    so i jus hit a car (barely) it made a tiny tiny scratch almost unoticeable unless you really stare at it,i got insurance but no L's and dude was like he aint fuckin with police so hes not makin a police report its a rental car (the other guys car) too,so my question is what do yall thinks gonna...
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    I dont got any big tone albums and im thinkin bout coppin one,whats the best shit he put out?
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    what are yall gettin into tonight?

    im hella bored and my nights lookin dead plus im hungover think imma pop these pills and kick it at home,what is everyone elses sat. night lookin like
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    stalka all day?

    maybe im wrong but it seems like all her posts been delted why is that? just curious
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    battle of the light beers....

    aight so im tryna cut back on my beer drinkin in order to shed a few pounds,ive come to realize theres no way ill fully quit drinkin so instead imma drank light beer only what are you siccness memebrs fav. light beers?
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    dj drama-gangsta grillz 16?

    im not sure if g.g.-16 is new but its the newest drama tape i heard and its fuckin raw! discuss
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    rappers missin "BIG" singles?

    anyone else notice that alotta bigger rappers who usually have huge singles just dont these days?...for example chamillionare aint got no big single and hi sits droppin next week,50 didnt have that single this time around,kanye aint really got a big single,young jocs albums comin soon and no...
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    why are cats sleepin j.gib?

    this dude is wayyyy doper that alotta sac shit these days cats must not feel em cause his style is more for evryone then the average sac rappers is this dude got bars and his tracks seem to have nationwide appeal discuss.........
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    Rim shops?

    anyone know of rims shops in the 925 area that offer credit,im tryna get rimms for my other car but i just dropped money in my buik and dont have enough to cash out akk at once now,so is there shops that offer like finacing or payment plans?
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    so i gotta spot with my boy like 3 months ago and his girl,when we moved in he told me she was 1 month pregnant and i belived it cause she really didnt look pregnant well 3 months later come to find out this fuker lied and she currently 7 months pregnant so im movin out fuckin livin with a...
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    numbers,how many records did tehse rappers sell?

    how many units has games last album sold? how many has fabolous' new shit sold? how many did jay-z's last shit sell? how many did young bucks last shit sell? and where is ti at for his newest album? im just curious and would appreciate it if yall could post the numbers,thanks
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    Has anyone else on here noticed how fulla shit this guy is? if you read his interview youd know exactly what i mean dude talkin bout he cant live withot makin 10 mill a year,i smoke 3,000$ worth of trees a day, i got 8 houses,im still sellin hella coke blah blah blah this niggas outta his mind
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    sounded like dude was takin a shit while interviewing bavgate all that breathin and shit is annoying as fuck
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    I just started gettin into dudes music,he seems pretty dope what are sum tracks of his shit i check out?