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  1. BOOBOO619


    Not Psy Trance or Goa, but this shit is dope and dark as fuck! _w24jptrtcw Falls more under the category of minimal techno.
  2. BOOBOO619

    Occupy Siccness!
  3. BOOBOO619

    Intellistreets (Fascism)

    We're done, BIG BROTHER is truly upon us. :cry: Qw10eKxaSDY Fuck this shit! Article:
  4. BOOBOO619

    What's your opinion on tipping?

    Z-qV9wVGb38 I personally always tip waiters and bartenders because society says so. I guess I'd feel like a dick if I didn't and just plain awkward. Not to mention, they obviously don't make much without the tips. However, of course no one is forcing them to work there either though. But...
  5. BOOBOO619

    Presonus Studio One V2

    This upgrade will be HUUUGE.
  6. BOOBOO619

    Poise: Percussion Sampler

    This plugin is dope! Simple, quick workflow, small, low CPU, yet still full of great features. Highly recommend this one, it just gets to the point. Here's a video describing it: nWeIpLtSCDE
  7. BOOBOO619

    'Molot" VST Compressor (Freeware)

    You guys should check out this plugin! This compressor has a ton of character and is just overall bad ass. Can't believe it's free. “Molot” VST compressor plugin - sigma and alpha attack modes - Neve 33609 like sound in sigma mode - Fairchild 670 like sound in alpha mode - very...
  8. BOOBOO619

    Cop Threatens to Kill Conclead Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop

    kassP7zI0qc Fucking pigs at it again! Talk about abuse of power, damn. :mad:
  9. BOOBOO619

    Are people partying/drinking or just doing more than ever now?

    I've been thinking about this lately and I think it's true for the most part. I just can't prove it though. It's more of a theory I have. It just seems to me that with the rise of social networking like Facebook in particular it makes it waaaay easier obviously for people to do stuff and...
  10. BOOBOO619

    Another Brawl at Dennys

    Not sure if this is a re-post, but here.... LOL
  11. BOOBOO619

    Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Planned Obsolescence)

    eTdseBKbWAE Here's one of my favorite excerpts from the Zeitgeist documentary. Shit is crazy, but makes so much sense.
  12. BOOBOO619

    Reason 6 QQQRsnoyiPA
  13. BOOBOO619

    Presonus Studio One

    Who uses this program? I've messed with it, it's clean as hell. I use FL, but this is really the only "big boy" style DAW that I've come across that I actually feel comfortable using and could possibly replace or be an addition to FL. BVvgXXoY6Vk...
  14. BOOBOO619

    Utah gunman, updates Facebook status during 16-hour hostage standoff

    Utah gunman, Jason Valdez updates Facebook status during 16-hour hostage standoff with police Read more: Orale homie! jajajajajaja
  15. BOOBOO619

    FL Studio Mobile

    I don't have any iOS device, but those of you who do, should check this app out. Looks really cool and it works with the desktop version. I use the desktop version and I'm a lil jealous of how clean this app's GUI looks. Wish they'd re-do the desktop version's look to be as sharp looking as this...
  16. BOOBOO619

    Man beats pitbull pup in elevator

    Ah man what a fucking asshole. :mad: I don't know how people can be so fucking sick. Here's the video:
  17. BOOBOO619

    Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'

    I think he's right! When you die, you die. That's it! Basically you just black out and your not even aware of your death. Religion is what instills this FEAR and belief into people. Do bad you go to hell, do good you go to heaven. It's all bullshit! Fucking lie, greatest story ever told...
  18. BOOBOO619

    Local Fox Crew Attacked, Beaten in Calif. The video is in that link. There's a few different angles to it. Your thoughts?
  19. BOOBOO619

    The Zeitgeist Movement

    You all should check this out if you haven't already. Here's the latest film of three. 4Z9WVZddH9w Source:
  20. BOOBOO619

    Oldest bitch you ever fucked?

    What's the oldest bitch you have ever fucked? For me, I was 22 and she was 38. 16 year difference. Great fucking experience. Bitch was wild and downer than any young broad. Fun as hell. These cougs don't play around.