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    Dope! No Gravity was great too
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    dope album! great price :siccness:
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    Rick rock worked on anything lately?

    I havent checked hard but has he worked on anything since the federation album?
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    forgive my ignorance but is there..

    2 groups called UNLV?
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    cr4 still ontrack?

    according to the website it should be released now
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    breakin news

    yeah, I know,..... another e-40 thread but people tend to say this is one of his lesser albums... but for me it's actually one of my more favoured ones... everyone here think the same?
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    What's the deal with lpaying burned ps2 games (do I need a mod chip?)

    Do I need a mod chip or can I just use a boot disk.. I dont want to buy one and mess with a soldering iron.. I had a friend who did that a few years ago and fucked it up
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    Where was 93till filmed?

    That place looks beautiful.. reminds me of the time I lived in mexico (town of 800)
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    Question for mark 7

    hey I just found a really old cd by a female named Realistikk.. I was looking through the the credits and a bunch of songs say mark 7 is on the cuts. same mark 7 as you?
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    anyone know what the sample is from "jungle" by equipto/dredog?

    anyone know? from the song jungle on midnight machine gun albis? I'm sure I've heard it somewhere else but cant figure it for the life of me