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  1. DukeSkywalker

    dj records. lethal weapon, heavy hitters, top secret...

    i used to use these years ago. would rather just download them and use serato. anybody know if these are available to download online? haven't dj'd a party in years so my music selection is pretty old. any other suggestions? it's a one time thing so i don't want to have to buy anything...
  2. DukeSkywalker

    '10 NFL draft prospects

    really like Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech wish we didn't waste our pick on heyward-bey last year so we could've taken "bey bey" this year. fMK59U6nCuw
  3. DukeSkywalker

    Rough draft mix i'm working on.

    Wu-Tang: '09 til the end of time still wanna clean it up. add some cuts. there's quite a few more songs i wanna add but just can't think of how to mix them in. thoughts?
  4. DukeSkywalker

    over seas producers???

    i've liked what i've heard so far. i really like the Dela album. Fabio Musta had a pretty good one. i just heard a Blu track off of the Waxolutionists album that's really dope. anybody that you guys would recommend checking out? Dela ft Large Pro x2e4Ym9o4WU Fabio Musta ft Jeru the damaja...
  5. DukeSkywalker

    el michels affair - enter the 37th chamber

    this shit is pretty dope. 6hcUZg52RGA&hl kFXB5TTPDJE&hl BB8od6OkxP8&hl
  6. DukeSkywalker

    immortal technique

    i was just listening to some of his music today when i started to think...what the hell is he going to rap about now that we have a black democrat for president? anybody?
  7. DukeSkywalker

    song's for highlight video

    i'm putting together a highlight video for my brother's pop warner team. any suggestions on some songs? i want to try to keep it to rap or hiphop instrumentals but i'll take any. here's one game i did. w6OmJqLH-Vg
  8. DukeSkywalker

    can you bleed to death...

    from a bloody nose? i swear i had one earlier that wouldn't fuckin stop.
  9. DukeSkywalker

    translation help

    "que se quede como el perro de las dos tortas" wtf does that mean? is there some kinda story that i've never heard?
  10. DukeSkywalker


  11. DukeSkywalker

    thank you ny jets!

    their win gives us (raiders) a better draft pick. I think we're at number 4. 1. Dolphins 2. Rams 3. Chiefs 4. Raiders I think. Haha
  12. DukeSkywalker

    Buck65 - Situation

    any fans of buck65? his new album is a lot better than his previous one. sounds a lot like square. opinions?
  13. DukeSkywalker

    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    i just started downloading all the songs i can remember hearing at the family bbq's when i was growing up. these are some of my favorites El Coco Rayado La Puerta Negra Chaparra De Mi amor la vecina me puso el dedo atezoralo la rama del mesquite mi cucu. haha las nachas haha los amores de...
  14. DukeSkywalker

    raiders sign culpepper to one year deal.

    just saw on the nfl network.
  15. DukeSkywalker

  16. DukeSkywalker

    The Used-Lies For The Liars

    nah i'm not really feeling this album. a few track yeah but most of em nah. the rest of the band is kinda throwing berts voice off. doesn't sound the same.
  17. DukeSkywalker

    my rims poke out.

    just got these. 20"s though.
  18. DukeSkywalker

    paid dues 2 line up!!!

    not AS good as i was hoping for, but it's still gonna be a good show. felt. cage. mr lif. evidence. sage francis. pigeon john. devin the dude. los nativos. more TBA. i've wanted to see mr lif for a while now, so i'll definetely be going again this year. anyone else?
  19. DukeSkywalker

    what happened to dude...

    that was posting movie dl links?
  20. DukeSkywalker

    Royce Da 5'9"

    dope since them shady ol days.