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  1. Tycoonin

    Non Profit Charities

    I'm workin on a project and am interested in droppin loot on a non profit charity. im interested in hispanic and black (minority) charities. Urban or youth also. So any info or links are coo. thanks.
  2. Tycoonin

    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    My rola right now. Los Inqietos- De Sangre Traficante
  3. Tycoonin


    Anyone remember this show Fishmasters? Old school from the 80's. It was on late night but was funny as hell. Watch some of their episodes shits still funny.
  4. Tycoonin

    I'm an insensitve here to find out why!!!

    There a bunch a fake ass soft cry baby ass niggas on this shit. Whats up with all the boo hooing n shit. Man the FUCK UP. Everybody gonna die. There been posts up for Mac Dre, Pimp C, n who ever else fucken died with mutharfuckas really takin that shit to the heart. I can picture a muthafucka...
  5. Tycoonin

    Vote for the fate of Home Run Ball 756

    Marc Ecko bought the ball. Vote for what happens to the ball.
  6. Tycoonin

    Vote for the fate of Home Run Ball 756

    Marc Ecko baught the ball. Vote for the fate of 756
  7. Tycoonin

    Kimbo vs. Tyson

    Will it ever happen? I think Tyson would be a much better opponent than Mercer. i'd rather see that fight in Kimbo rules not MMA. Would be a dope ass fight.
  8. Tycoonin

    M.I.A. - Bird Flu

    Trend setter fo sheezy. If that aint some ground breaking shit i dunno what is. Its different but got mad flava like curry.
  9. Tycoonin

    Earth, Wind & Fire show - Sat. 7/14/2007

    I've seen them a few years back in Concord. there show was dope. Them cats still got hella energy
  10. Tycoonin

    website size

    What are the dimensions you use for a website?
  11. Tycoonin

    Vagina Power and Penis Power

    LMAO watch this crazy breezy preach. Get her some shrump from Long John Silvers. Pilot over the pussy
  12. Tycoonin

    Floyd Mayweather Sr.'s Dreads

    Man I just gotta say that shit is fucked up. He got a Hulk Hogan hair style but with dreads. LMAO.
  13. Tycoonin

    The Cave Mans Crib

    If your bored fuck around wit it
  14. Tycoonin

    Good Guys Car Show Pleasenton

    Anyone else go? They had some of the cleanest muscle cars i've ever seen. I havnt seen a car show that can fuck with the rides there.
  15. Tycoonin

    Rage Against the Machine adds more dates

    RATM is sick
  16. Tycoonin


    I was reading this thread and i couldnt fucken beleive people was hating on South Bay Rap because the South Bay didnt have as many murders as Oakland and Richmond. There is some real ass dumbfucks on here that ara some real ass followers on this...
  17. Tycoonin

    Japanese Cholos

    LMAO...You gotta see it to believe it. :dead:
  18. Tycoonin

    What should the Raiders do with the #1 Pick?

    I think we should trade it for more 1st round picks. Or trade the pick and Jerry Porter for Michael Vick. I think he could do good in Oakland.
  19. Tycoonin

    James Lofton interviews for Raiders head coach job

    He's the chargers receivers coach. Former Raider. Ehhhh i dunno bout that.
  20. Tycoonin

    Which Rappers Death Had a Bigger Impact on You?

    Which Rappers Death Had the Biggest Impact on You?