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    mr. capone e, migos, mally mall - loco

    @Rasan you had me clicking on your signature video, thinking Capone-E finally got a tight beat. LOL
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    mr. capone e, migos, mally mall - loco

    Just think if 50 Cent went bankrupt because he rented and leased all his video wealth, these boys must be sucking dick to get into people's houses to video their shitty music. Even the tatted tramps looked shot out.
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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    @butcher the food descriptions never sound good to me. I personally could use less of them. The Child Porn stuff is strictly the TV show. That's the producers fucking up GRRM's fine work.
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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    You didn't ask me but I'll tell you what I think. I call bullshit. It doesn't even matter if they are twins, how does that even affect anything? Also, this smug TV blog writes, "Interestingly enough, many of the Stark kids have their ages next to them in subsequent book appendices, as well...
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    I always thought that 619 move was all show. Dang, didn't know it could be fatal. RIP Puppy Aguayo
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    Canada is better than America

    Fuck Drake, Fuck Bieber, Fuck Celine Dion, the moose is cool (although you didn't invent him you dumb Canadian) but fuck you and fuck Mac Jesus and FUCK CANADA in general. You can all suck this American dick (except the moose, he's cool.)
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    Child Molestor on "19 Kids and County" TLC Show

    The sick shit is the parents knew about it and didn't turn in their oldest kid after he molested his little sister. All this on regular TV, smh Glad I didn't watch this show. TLC, the network home to 19 Kids and Counting, has pulled the show from its schedule after Josh Duggar admitted to...