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    Bavgate Official Thread

    i'm lightweight feelin his flow but he could b better
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    is the south feeling tha bay area?

    i never really posted in this thread jus came into it so i wuz wonderin if yall in tha south is feelin that bay area shit?
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    fabs comin up he needs a video
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    sup do any of yall no how i can get photoshop for free?
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    kanye west

    what happened to that bittersweet song that wuz sposed to b on his album?
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    mtv bay area?

    aye i heard that mtv is gonna finally do a show on tha bay called "my block;bay area" is this true kuz my fren sed thas wut sway was talkin about at summer jam or wuz my friend jus messin wid me
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    ay whas a good program i could use on my computer to make mixes?
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    david banner 106&park

    damn i jus seen david banner on 106 n park n he wuz shoutin out tha bay he wuz like yah my new song play is number one in tha bay thanx to kmel haha