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    Bavgate Official Thread

    i think he ruined dope ass songs, like super hyphy , and the new oakland track, i aint feelin his album, but im rich bitch is dope
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    Couple of questions

    paul wall and chamillionaire- get your mind correct, is the red album the same thing as the blue one? when is paul walls new solo comin out? what are some good albums/mixtapes/compilations, that paul wall is featured on? thanks in advance
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    Baby Bash Perfoming At Bomb Concert

    with snoop, game, and bizzy bone and layzie bone, i dont know about yall but that shit sounds good to me
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    J.Diggs Interview

    From "Yay Magazine" wit Dre on the cover Mag: Tell us about how you met Dre JD:We go back to kids. Basically Dre is from Vallejo and Vallejo is broke into sides. Dre is originally frim a side of Vallejo called Greer side. Even before Dre was really close to me he was close to my little cousin...
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    Bone Brothers Final Cover

    when is it supposed to drop?
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    New Years Eve Party?

    anyone know anything about a party in san jose wit keak da sneak, yukmouth, and e-40 perfomin?
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    car stereo help?

    after about 6 months with no radio in my car i finally had enough money leftover to buy a cd player, on my way home after having it installed the sound just cut, the player still plays fine but i cant hear nothin, the place that installed it told me that the ground from my door speakers was...
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    onstage wit ciara, petey pablo, lil scrappy, the federation, trina, and the team, at the san jose arena DAMN, big shit for mac dre.
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    Mac Dre, Keak, and Yuk in Merced?

    on nov. 5 anyone know if its official, and how i can get tickets, or got a flyer or somethin?
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    Bizzy Bone fans, Must Peep!!!!

    and i was about to go to the store this mornin and pick it up lol, how can i get a copy of it?
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    Bizzy Bone fans, Must Peep!!!!

    i didnt even know this shit came out, when did it drop?
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    Mac Dre in Fresno this sunday?

    does any body have any info on this., I heard it was going to be at the convention center.
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    them pics under your name

    < how do you get pictures to fit in there, i tried to put a picture there and it kept tellin me that it had to be 300x300 or somethin like that. is there a way to resize them?
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    who made this beat?

    who made the brotha lynch hung/24 deep, dre dog/smoke dope and rap, and who ever else used it, and who was the first to use it?
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    95 fm concert?

    on my way home coming from merced going to the bay, i heard on the radio this station talking about a concert w/ babybash, and the ying yang twins any body got the 411 on that?
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    Lucky Luciano question?

    has he ever dropped an album? if so where can i pick it up, what else is he feaured on besides baby beesh projects?
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    link to a shitload of unreleased Bone Songs

    the link doesnt work for me
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    link to a shitload of unreleased Bone Songs

    how do you download off soundclick?
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    Mac Dre Concerts?

    anyone know of any mac dre concerts between may 28th and june 13th, my brother is coming down from south carolina and wants to go to a dre show.