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  1. Sav Scorcese

    I need a new bootleg movie supplier

    I need a new local bootleg movie supplier, my last plug moved away. p.s. yeah yeah I know I should buy the real dvd's and support the comany blah blah blah but I'm not.
  2. Sav Scorcese

    Husband hacked wife to death with meat cleaver after she changed Facebook status to s By Paul Cheston Last updated at 2:26 PM on 17th October 2008 Murdered: Emma Forrester was hacked with a meat cleaver by her husband. He claimed he was provoked when she...
  3. Sav Scorcese

    I need a studio to do a quick song for my sons' football team

    If I can get a one song rate. I have my lyrics already I just need a simple looped sample for it, should go really quick. Also need two Richmond rappers to spit on it.
  4. Sav Scorcese

    I need a quick and dirty studio set up............

    I have a full production studio in Stockton that I share with my cousin and business partner but I need a small set up at home to just do small projects. What equipment can anyone recommend for this. I know I will need a microphone, a pc and a sound board but what else ? I didn't set up the...
  5. Sav Scorcese

    I'm trying hard not to like Lil Wayne

    ...but this lil nigga is on some other shit. I just listened to Drought 3 again and whoever is writing for this cat is busting hard. His lyrics sound as if he is freestyling but I don't think he is.
  6. Sav Scorcese


    Damn its not like I give a shit. An VH1 insider recently made this post on VH1's message board. The poster also claims that New York used to work as an exotic dancer. Here's what the poster said: I have been watching this nonsense for a couple of weeks and I can no longer stand the stupidity...
  7. Sav Scorcese

    What's the catch ? East Oakland there's always those mexican dudes pushing the ice cream carts, do they get to keep part of what they make or what ? I wanted to buy one so my son can slang popsicles in the hood and we keep all of the loot. What's the story behind those things ?
  8. Sav Scorcese

    Some people shouldn't have children....

    A San Antonio couple accused of trying to sell the woman's 5-year-old daughter for sex also planned to include her 10-month-old daughter in the deal and then blackmail the person interested in the children, court testimony revealed this week. The person with whom Jennifer Richards, 25, and...
  9. Sav Scorcese

    Detroit gives Yung Berg "The Business"

    silly shit. I wonder if he's gonna sue like DJ Vlad ?
  10. Sav Scorcese

    This shit here is comedy.......

    from I DON’T KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT THE GAME AND BOW WOW BEST BEWARE! I got this letter from somebody that refused to give their name. All I can say is they seem to know a lot and is appalled at the treatment of Ciara. Check it: I don’t know nothin’ about what is fact or...
  11. Sav Scorcese

    Problem with rap interviews.....

    I just finished listening to the AP9 interview done by DJ Pimp. It was full of information but the one constant I keep hearing is that not just DJ Pimp but alot of interviewers I hear keep talking over the artist and interrupting his answers. Also I would like to hear more insightful and thought...
  12. Sav Scorcese

    Pastor Troy is dope (sorry I'm late)

    Ok so I downloaded Pastor Troys greatest hits. I'm embarassed to say I have never listened to him. His shit is tight. How come as far as mainstream radio he has only had one or two hits. Especially with all the rappers in Atlanta. I know a while back he was beefin with Master P but it looks like...
  13. Sav Scorcese

    Where's the love for T-Gunna ???

    That nigga shit go hard, I have it on repeat on my iPod.
  14. Sav Scorcese

    Shorty Lo, is he serious ?

    What makes this guy think he can rap ? He's not bringing anything new to the music to me. his lyrics are hella simple and delivered waaaay to weak.
  15. Sav Scorcese

    Sorty Lo, is he serious ?

    What makes this guy think he can rap ? He's not bringing anything new to the music to me. his lyrics are hella simple and delivered waaaay to weak.
  16. Sav Scorcese

    Jacka - All Over Me video (is it done yet?)

    Sorry if this has been posted already but I been bumping this track for 2 days now and I wanted to know if the video is done for this song.
  17. Sav Scorcese

    My 2002 single It's Nuthin (Savage Behavior)

    I don't upload many of my own tracks but this is from my group Savage Behavior it was released back in 2002 on Illusive Records and the cd is still for sale. Leave feedback. <-----dangerous words It's Nuthin
  18. Sav Scorcese

    Just got back from a cruise in Mexico......

    why the fuck is Ensenada Mexico so ghetto ?
  19. Sav Scorcese

    Lamborghini / Butterfly doors

    I heard the kit was about $5000. I'm trying to get it on my 1974 Nova. Is there anywhere here in the Bay that does it cheaper ?
  20. Sav Scorcese

    People still do this shit ???????

    My cousin paid $150 for what she thought was a 35 inch LCD screen from this dude in front of Circuit City. When she called me over to open the box for her it was 8 bricks in a box. I wanted to laugh hella hard but I had to wait until I left.