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  1. J


    Please email me your shipping addresses, [email protected]
  2. J


    In 100% perfect condition, $60, email at [email protected]
  3. J

    42 CDs, lots ULTRA-RARE, for sale!!!

    These are some of hte leftovers from the auction, as always, cash or mo only, buyer ships first: CDs for sale(all prices include shipping) Lynch-Loaded *og* $13 Nonfiktion-Creative Differences *OG* $22 First Degree-Planet Zero $8 FU-Fahrenheit Underbelly $7 The Click-Hurricane Single $5...
  4. J


    Everybody except viet lov and tuaroa have emails. Those two have private messages because I couldn't find your emails. Thanks everybody, I'll have a list of not sold CDs up in a week or so.
  5. J


    My entire collection is up for sale, peep at Email me any offers at [email protected]. As everyone should know by now, I'm as legit as they get.
  6. J

    *RARE* CDs/Tapes for sale

    CDs- Full Clip-Who'z Ridin *OG, perfect condition* Tre-Reality Check *Perfect Condition* Black Rhino-Point Blank Game *Perfect Condition* Dosia-Waiting To Inhale *Perfect Condition* Lake Berryessa Soundtrack *Perfect Condition* 415-Nu Niggaz On Tha Blokk *Perfect Condition* 51.50-Crazy Has...
  7. J

    Two RARE CDs for Sale! Peep-->

    Two rare ass CDs for sale: The Coup-Kill My Landlord *immaculate condition* First album from the Coup, don't sleep on this classic. G-Macc-Underground Hit List *rare ass Sac release* feat. Tre-8 1995 2 Dope Records/Black Market Very tight and hard to find album. Post up here or get at me...
  8. J

    Ultra Rare CDs for sale!

    Deco D-Soul Taker 3XKrazy-Stackin Chips 3XKrazy-Keep It On The Real Single 415-Nu Niggaz On The Blokk Black Rhino-Point Blank Game Tre-Reality Check Lake Berryessa Soundtrack Post any questions or offers here, or email me at [email protected]. I'm willing to trade but I'd prefer to sell. Oh...
  9. J

    How rare are these?

    Lake Berryessa Soundtrack Richie Rich-Half Thang 415-Nu Niggaz The Dove Shack-This Is The Dove Shack Thanks
  10. J

    Mac Dre Poster For Sale

    I have a Mac Dre-Young Black Brotha poster for sale. It is 18x24, framed and in mint condition. It looks just like the album cover. Selling so that I can gain some more space on my walls:) Shipping will probably be at least $5, so factor that into any offers. Post up here or email...
  11. J

    How rare is TRU-Who's The Killer?

    Just wondering what I should pay for this album or whether it's worth buying.
  12. J

    Wanted:51.50-Illegaly Insane

    I got $10 on this, if anyones got it for sale, get at me--> [email protected]
  13. J

    I Got $50 on Scritch The Scratcha

    If anyone has a Rich The Factor-Scritch The Scratcha for sale I've got $50 on it.
  14. J

    FS:Full Clip-Who'z Ridin? OG

    I've got this super og 408 CD for sale. Hit me with some chunky offers or post up here. [email protected]
  15. J


    I just picked this album up(Where Ya Goin' Wo?), never heard of the guy, but saw it was on SMG so I thought I'd give it a try. Pretty good, beats are simple but tight, flows could use some work. Anybody got any info?
  16. J

    Rare stuff for sale!!!

    CDs: Full Clip-Who'z Ridin? (OG!!!) Rush-In-Roulette 2 Disc Comp (rare KC comp) Chilee Powdah-Richmentality Tapes: DLew-It's All In Me EA-Ski-1 Step Ahead of Yall O.Z.-O.Z. EraseE-Strictly 4 The G'z Vinyl: 11/5-A1 Yola(selections from the album, sealed) Andre Nickatina-Raven In My...
  17. J

    Couple questions on under ass shit

    Was EASki-1 Step Ahead of Yall ever released on CD? Was DLew-It's All In Me ever released on CD? Was EraseE-Strictly 4 The G'z? ever released on CD? How rare are these vinyls- Ray Luv-Forever Hustlin LP(white cover) Andre Nickatina-Selections from "Raven In My Eyes" (Dogday cover)...
  18. J

    Lil Ric On eBay

  19. J

    Came up on stuff, copuple ?s...

    Went to Dimple in Sac today, found- Lil Ric-Deep In The Game(my third copy in 2 months after searching for 9 months, lol) but how rare are Chilee Powdah-Richmentality and Rollyn 1000 Click-R1 Zone ? also came up on Erease E-Strictly 4 The Gs on tape for a $1 Thx.
  20. J

    EXTREMELY RARE CDs for sale/trade

    I have some CDs for sale or trade: Deco D-The Soul Taker Lil Ric-Deep N Tha Game (sealed) YD-Give It Up To The G's Closed Caption-Greens Lynch-24 Deep Celly Cel-Heat 4 Yo Azz JT-Dwellin In The Labb(sealed) Paris-Sleeping With The Enemy Young Dre D-Troubled Mind(tape) Make a chunky (or not so...