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    Life in the Pen for a Black Sureno - Prison Talk 18.1

    How and when did Blacks joining Mexican criminal organizations happen?
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    Bay Area Rap Vets w/Kids Who Rap?

    What Bay Area rap vets got children e.g. sons, daughters, etc. who rap and hopefully got that fire? Put me up on some.
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    Rap Beef

    What is/are your opinion(s) on Rap beef in today's era? I thought it was ignorant in the Pac & B.I.G. era and it ruined Hip Hop more than anything else ever could.
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    The Video Game Music Covers Appreciation Thread
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    Any Podcast Listeners?

    Here are some for the interested A Waste of Time | Free Listening on SoundCloud DJ Toast | Free Listening on SoundCloud The Library w/TimEinenkel | Free Listening on SoundCloud Open Mike Eagle | Free Listening on SoundCloud Shots Fired Podcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud Audio << Podcast...
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    Reality Shows

    What is your take on 'em? I ain't a fan and they serve advertiser interests more than anything but do you feel they have ran/are running their course?
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    Any Podcast Listeners?

    Who listens to podcasts and who do you listen to?
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    What Is The Point Of Trolling?

    What is the rationale for doing so and have you ever done it?
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    The State of Siccness

    When did the Siccness become less about the music/artists?
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    When Did The Indie Rap/Hip Hop Scene(s) Die?

    When I say indie Rap/Hip Hop I don't mean indie as in a style (e.g. indie Rock, etc.) but indie as in not distributed by majors.
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    Local Physical Presence No Longer Required

    For broadcast stations FCC Eliminates Rule That Required Stations to Have a Main Studio in Local Coverage Area &#8211; Variety What do y'all think as this is what happened to radio in 1996 with the Telecommunications Act
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    Instrumental albums // Beat Tapes

    Can someone recommend some instrumental Hip Hop albums? I'm discerning with my musical taste(s) so no Trap for me.
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    Paying To Play

    What are you thoughts on paying for likes, Tweets, subscribes, follows, etc. and if you are an artist have you ever participated in any of the aforementioned?
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    Hotep/Fauxtep Activists

    What do y'all think of so-called "woke" activists who do their work on and outside of social media? I call BS.
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    Desus & Mero

    Am I the only feeling this?
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    How Do You Consume/Listen To Music?

    How do you consume/listen to music?
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    The Too Much Music Era?

    How many feel we are in an era of too much music?
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    Have Your Musical Tastes Changed?

    Has/have your musical taste(s) changed? If so how and if not, explain.
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    Has this site fell off big time? DOWN-SOUTH
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