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    i just thought of some funny ass shit

    about one of the siccness members but it's one of those people that you can get banned if you clown them so im a keep it to myself but it's ether in my opinion.
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    "No more Big Ben's beef jerky for me"-Hines Ward (no homo)

    Ben Roethlisberger likes tall guys; Hines Ward no longer likes Ben Roethlisberger By MJD Friday, Jan 25, 2008 12:35 pm EST Ben Roethlisberger recently expressed a desire for the Steelers to acquire a tall receiver, which, at least to me, doesn't sound like an unreasonable request. As it turns...
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    What you think of Blue Chip?

    He's from Delaware and used to work with Fig or maybe he still does. He's also connected with a label out the Fillmore. I think it's called MoeBetta or something like that. I think this cat got a nice flow.
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    the wrestling forum

    aka the sports entertainment forum. how the fuck do adults still follow wrestling? that shit is disturbing to me.
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    What's your thoughts on bilingual rap?

    Do you like it when cats throw a lil Spainsh in their flow like Immortal Tech and shit like that?
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    Ha ha Ecose tried to add me on myspace

    :siccness:and i denied his ass.
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    Which Bay Area rappers can hang with Ghostface Killah on the mic?

    I think this question is interesting. What yall think?
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    Happy New Year

    Yo it's a brand new year I need a brand new bitch Plus a brand new fit to match my brand new kicks I love new money fat blunts and stock options I rock mics often from San Francisco to Boston
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    Major props to Lorena Ochoa

    #1 female golfer in the world and she is from Guadalajara, Mexico.
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    What yall think about all these roided up baseball players?

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but hella cats are getting their names dragged in the dirt.
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    The official Frank Gore is gonna reach 1,000 rushing yards tomorrow thread

    dude had a rough year and still held it down. He gets my props.
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    Producers list your credits

    We got a lot of dope up and coming producers on here and some established ones. It would be sick if the producers on here listed their album credits.
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    best of craigslist

    To the Drunk Hottie who fell off my motorcycle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2007-11-07, 5:23AM PST I met you at the bar last night, and we hit it off. Ya we were both a little buzzed, but you seemed as into me as I was into you. Things...
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    What's the worst job u ever had?

    I got to think about this one Ive actually had a lot of bad jobs in my life. So i need to think about which one was the worst. What about everyone else?
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    Spice 1 shot...NOT DEAD

    i just read assassins comment on his deleted thread.
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    Best new sayings of 2007

    ... WIPE ME DOWN
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    miam kaos vs. photodoctors

    whose work do you appreciate more?
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    what happened to tuasisopo or however the fuck you spell it

    im talking about the 3rd string qb raiders had for hella years but never started. i think i seen him play in preseason games and i always thoght he woulda been pretty decent. is he still in the league?
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    ... Do you think people go a lil overboard with their internet acronyms sometimes or am I the only one that thinks that?
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    Tribute to Kanye

    yo peep this shit i thought it's hella sick. Dude is talented.