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    Canon T2I ..lens questions

    whats good folks im renting a canon t2i this weekend, to test it out and doing a couple of photos with some friends. But I need to know what lens to rent with the camera. I wanna take shots like this black and white outdoors and frontal shots. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Cali Cholo

    does anyone have this font that can hook it up. workin on a piece that would look clean with this font
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    high resolution shark photos

    anyone have some high resolution shark photos? i need them for a project, I could only find a couple on Google. 300dpi preferably or anything close. thanks
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    2010 - 2011 SUPERBOWL PICKS!

    Cowboys over Ravens/chargers
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    Marshall Faulk you are an idiot

    man this guys is a fuckin idiot. im watchin this round table show on NFL network and ive seriously feel like i cant watch this channel whenever hes on. Dude just loves to hear himself talk. I mean im a cowboys fan til death so i get mad when he talks about my team, thats obvious, but i get mad...
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    Kat Stacks

    certified ripper
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    Too $hort - The game dont change

    just fuckin around put this together, tryin to brush up on the skills
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    Suga Free - It Anit Easy

    Suga Free - It Aint Easy first cover ive done in a lonnnnnnnnggggg ass time.
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    i need to find some psds (rappers or whoever) ...anyone got a good site?
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    where my vector artist at?

    i need something done. drop a sample of ur work and ill hit u. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    L.T.'s touchdown dance!

    rPIp7rO2zNk bwhahaha
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    FOTIkx-DUvQ <3 the NFL network. lol
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    just thought with the holidays around the corner we should get down on the hustlin tips. Tips on how to make sure your paper stays right and how to keep it coming. Also, any tips to help keep your paper moving beyond the holidays. Since were in a recession, we got cats doin dumb shit thats...
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    You guys listen to podcast?

    Just wonderin if you guys are listenin to any podcast and which ones. I used to listen to one on football but I haven't heard of any good ones in awhile, I need somethin to listen to during the day and I get tired of hearing my same old music everyday
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    What players do you like watching?

    which players do you like watching that aren't on your team? my few ray lewis ed reed roonie brown patrick willis steve smith darrnell dockett T.O. MJD Peyton
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    Need vector work done

    i need some top notch shit done. hit me with a pm with a price.
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    havent seen them in here talkin that shit in awhile.
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    Suicide league

    whos down? for those who dont know what it is, its basically a survival league. $20 gets u in. each week u pick a team to win its game. if the team you pick wins, u move onto the next week, but u have to pick a different team. if u lose, ur out, u no longer are able to win the pot. if u want...
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    What Jersey do u plan on getting?

    just thought it would keep the talk of the new football season in full swing. what new jersey do u plan on adding to the collection? me...felix jones, tnew, or bradie james. other jerseys im thinkin of gettin just to rock with the kicks, black ed reed, black jones-drew.
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    RIP Jim Johnson

    Damn no threads for this dude, he was a rival of ours but rip.