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    "Meat" Music Video

    Premiers on YouTube tomorrow! From Twitter: BrothaLynchHung People! My "Meat" will debut tomorrow at 5:pm pacific time on YouTube! It's just the first segment of a long movie, stay tuned 22 minutes ago
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    From Lynch's Facebook

    Brotha Lynch Hung BROTHA LYNCH HUNG DINNER AND A MOVIE “I don’t have to kill anyone. I just think it. It’s all up here. Believe me, if I started killing anyone, there’d be none of you left. - “The Interrogation” Brotha Lynch Hung watches a lot of movies, mostly horror flicks. The King of...
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    DAAM Album Cover

    Like it?
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    Why is Tech rushing K.O.D?

    It seems to me like Tech is rushing the production of K.O.D. and I'm not sure why. This is his quote from Twitter: "I missed two due dates maybe even 3! I'm sorry I got you guys in an uproar tryin to get my album out oct.27! I didn't think a dark album would consume me to where it would bleed...
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    Suspicion 2

    So I just noticed that Suspicion 2 is available for pre-order on with a release date of July 14th. It says the record label is Siccness