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  1. Pansas

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Did @B-Buzz just spoil it? I figured Grey Worm would live
  2. Pansas


    If @Rossibreath says it's funny then gatdammit its funny
  3. Pansas

    Official HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire' thread - May Contain SPOILERS

    @BUTCHER206 I too thought that kid was Jimmy Is it just me or was that little girl Chalky's daughter?
  4. Pansas

    HBO: The Leftovers

    Nice to finally an episode that makes a little sense and gives a lot more back story. The ending was where everyone started disappearing. @T-Rip which part are you referring to?
  5. Pansas

    HBO: The Leftovers

    Has anyone checked this out? I've seen the first two episodes and I don't know how I feel about it. It's pretty fuckin weird but interesting. Anyone want to share their thoughts so far?
  6. Pansas

    Niner News Thread

    DOOOOO IT!! Cash in your chips. We have a talent pool already. Draft 2-3 beasts and call it a day. No need for 40 Draft picks when most will get cut @AdamSchefter: RT @evansilva: ESPN's Mortensen suggests Mike Evans as trade-up target for 49ers. Mort hearing Niners "could be very aggressive in...
  7. Pansas

    Niner News Thread

    Woooooowwww what a fuckin deal!! Nnamdi wants a ring and wants to earn another contract. What a fuckin move. Superbowl or bust for sure. @Park_Boi Mathieu is still a possibility. If Nnamdi plays well, we extend him and have him mentor another stud CB Baalke and Niners front office don't fuck...
  8. Pansas

    The Official Angels 2013 Thread

    Opening day against the Reds is some odd shit but it will be a good one. I'm glad Wells was finally traded. We will eat a chunk of his salary but at least he gets to play now and we won't have drama with him later. I was hoping this would be his bounce back year for the Angels but that won't...
  9. Pansas

    Seahawks News Thread

    @AdamSchefter: And so the first blockbuster trade of the week is shaping up to involve...Percy Harvin. Imagine Harvin, Russell Wilson and Beastmode. I didn't want him to end up in SF because he wants big money and because of his injury history, but Seattle is not where I want him to end up...
  10. Pansas

    Angels signed Hamilton on a 5yr deal.... WOW

    OMFG!! Now they can package Trumbo and Bourjos for a bad ass pitcher
  11. Pansas

    Brewing your own beer..

    @DFresh77 are you on phandroid forum as well? Lol I did a Google search on blocking restricted calls and found a poster of "DFRESH" from the bay area Block private calls??? - Android Forums
  12. Pansas

    Help me out Niner brehs

    I'm going to the Niners vs Rams game on 11/11. I'm looking at the seats in section LE 35. Has anyone been in that section before and how is the view? Any additional tips are greatly appreciated. This will be my first Niners game. It's about fuckin time I pop that cherry
  13. Pansas

    Official Angels 2012 Thread

    @Rossibreath Here are pics from the pisser and shitter views
  14. Pansas

    London Olympics 2012 Thread

    I usually enjoy watching the Olympics, but this year I'll be watching the Wrestling more closely for a reason. An old high school buddy of mine is Freestyle Wrestling in the 120kg category. Although he was born and raised here in the U.S., he's representing Mexico. Not sure of the reasoning...
  15. Pansas

    Carlo Rossi

    Where's @Rossibreath
  16. Pansas

    Official Angels 2012 Thread

    See you next Friday @sliccricc. It was a hell of a series with great pitching all 3 games
  17. Pansas

    Official Angels 2012 Thread

    @pr10wrx you gonna be at the game tonight?
  18. Pansas

    Official Angels 2012 Thread

    ...Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, CA I know there are few Angel fans on here, but I don't want to chime in on other threads. So far its a shaky start, but last night, our 3-4-5 hitters finally all hit in the same game. I'm not worried that Pujols hasn't hit a HR yet. He will have...
  19. Pansas

    Niner News Thread

    @sfc how are you gonna say Kaep sucks when you haven't seen ANYTHING from him? Lol. He played those pre season games with no training camp and a shitty offensive line. We haven't seen anything from him to make that assumption
  20. Pansas

    Niner News Thread

    "@AdamSchefter: Now Redskins on verge of signing 49ers WR Josh Morgan, too, to go along with Pierre Garcon.." Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu