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  1. smuggla

    Favorite 80's Rock Band/Artist

    Some good stuff already listed, but one of my tops for sure is The Church. All of their albums up to the present are pretty fucking tight. Here is the song that most are familiar with...
  2. smuggla

    Ive been on a pop-punk kick

    i dont know how i could forget another one of my favorites of this genre. the ataris. the whole album "blue skies, broken 12 exits" is perfect IMO FXeb3444Ptc eXTsxh8UBJw
  3. smuggla

    Ive been on a pop-punk kick

    that is funny you say seems that they are hit or miss with everyone...with no middle ground. i have a lot of friends that cant stand them for one reason or another (usually chris' vocals) in my opinion, they are one of the best at their craft, even still chris has managed to...
  4. smuggla

    Ive been on a pop-punk kick

    oh...and check out what is perhaps the first "pop" punk band ever. the descendents. they were big influences to that genre. you may recognize this song as it was covered by sublime and blink. wHd-PLgKlbs
  5. smuggla

    Ive been on a pop-punk kick

    i just saw Transit last week in SF. they opened for the Saves the day/Bayside tour. they were pretty cool. it was already mentioned...but through being cool is probably the best pop punk record ever. MWkEYLjBxWA another band that was on the bill was i am the avalanche qOQJBXiFTQw
  6. smuggla

    Classic Albums Pt. 1: System of a Down - Toxicity

    i thought their 1st album was better...but definitely not classic
  7. smuggla

    Random Album/Song upload thread

    fuck yeah! thanks for this. cant wait to see them with bayside next much as i miss the old style, i think chris has grown musically and i still dig everything.
  8. smuggla

    Post your favorite LIVE videos

  9. smuggla

    Favorite album (Seattle bands)

    nevermind...but i would rather of had the option to pick in utero.
  10. smuggla

    National record store day

    nice, u are getting the hormoaning record. im still pissed they didnt have any at my local stores...i have still have an original copy i got imported about 15 years ago but it woulda been cool to get a reissue too.
  11. smuggla

    National record store day

    i picked up the deftones covers album and a few others. i really wanted the foo fighters and nirvana vinyl releases today but they either did not get them or were already gone when i went to browse.
  12. smuggla

    Take ‘Em Down – The Dropkick Murphys [new song]

    good shit...dropkick is one of my favorite bands. cant wait for the new album.
  13. smuggla

    New Radiohead Album Comes Out Saturday!!!!!!

    i am going to give it a shot. the bends is one of my favorite albums of all time, but after that i only liked a few songs here and there.
  14. smuggla

    Random Album/Song upload thread

    thanks a ton for this. i have listened to it 3 times thru now and i am loving the whole thing. this is one of my favorite bands in the past few years.
  15. smuggla

    My favorite song today

    I am really starting to dig these guys. GsKkb1EwzMI
  16. smuggla

    Coachella 2011 (Is fucking crazy)

    i want to see this band the most. GupdrkZMYpA
  17. smuggla


  18. smuggla

    The Shows/Tours Thread

    I saw Interpol last night in Oakland. Hella cool was the first time I have seen them live. I have heard mixed reviews of their live shows, but I was impressed...they played a lot of great stuff new and old.
  19. smuggla

    EMP to stage world's most extensive Nirvana exhibit

    I read about this last week. I cannot wait to go check it out.
  20. smuggla

    Weezer offered $10 million to retire

    I am cool with them taking the money and retiring AFTER I see them in SF in November. They are playing the Blue album in its entirety. Then fuck it, take the ten mil.