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    Lookin for some GD work to be done

    If you've got hot GD work at good prices hit me with a link of your portfolio. I'm looking to get some work done for at least one show I'm doing. We'd be looking for the show flyers plus program guides and shirts to be done. I want simple but hot. Hit me at [email protected] JC
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    Does anyone know how the E-40 show went down in Santa Rosa?

    Do any of you know who showed up? 40? RBL? San Quinn? How was the show itself? Coolio. JC
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    Hit me up Gabe

    Get at me dog... JC [email protected]
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    Tha Zigalaytion

    It's comin..................... Download new tracks at Holla and let us know what you think. There's also 'Fruitie Like A Smoothie' on there.... the infamous song... the one on DJ Mark 7's mix tape..... Holla, JC Track listing for the Zigalaytion: Intro - ZIGIDY f Black C...