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  1. djpyrac

    Various South & West Coast CDs for sale

    Various Rap CDs for sale Albums: Shabazz “baysickinstinct” - Sealed (crack in case) - $5 Killafornia “Organization” - VG+ - $7 Three Six Mafia “Choices” - NM - $10 Mac Mall “Mallennium” - Sealed - $10 E-Moe “Ghetto Gospel” - VG - $15 Yo Gotti “Live From The Kitchen” - VG - $3 Kilo Ali...
  2. djpyrac

    Various CDs for sale

    Various CDs & Tapes for sale 3 for $10: Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets *SOLD* Key Players Volume One (Chopped & Screwed) (NM) Last Chance Records - Last Chance To Shine (VG+) 3rd Legg - A Man's Pride ... A Woman's Pleasure (VG+; missing cover) Jay-Z - Black Album (Sealed, but...
  3. djpyrac

    ISO New Orleans & Alabama rap tapes

    Looking for the following New Orleans: Sporty T - You Need A Key To Get In Lil Ignorant (unknown title/ cassette and 12" single) MVP - In Tha Projects Partners-N-Crime - Pussy In A Can Silky - Bouncing in a 6 Tray Sporty T - Jackin 4 Bounce Mystikal - Not That AGGIN MC T Tucker & DJ Irv -...
  4. djpyrac


    Looking for the following: • Sporty T "A.T.F." - 1992 C&M Records (Cassette & Vinyl) • Silky Slim "Sister, Sister" - 1992 Mugz Records (Vinyl) • Mystikal "Not That AGGIN" - 1994 Big Boy Records (Cassette & Vinyl) Also looking for 5-4 Villains or 54 Villains or however it's written. Unsure of...
  5. djpyrac

    Lots of stuff for auction - some rare CDs & tape lots

    Fyne "Hidden Agenda" (2002 Nashville, TN) Crosstrax "Do You" Compilation (2002 Nashville, TN) Kilo "Hear What I Hear" Cassingle & "Bluntly Speaking" CD (1992/1993 Atlanta, GA) Public Enemy "Give It Up" Cassingle & CD Single (1994 Long Island, NY) Down South Tape Lot Included: • Riders...
  6. djpyrac

    Just put some stuff up on ebay

    CDs: Fyne "Hidden Agenda" 2002 Nashville, TN Blak Vali Clik Compilation Vol. 1 2003 Huntsville, AL Subliminal: Chapter One 2005 Huntsville, AL Free Will Records "Paystyle Mixshow Volume 1" 2004 Huntsville, AL Fresh Kid Ice (aka Chinaman of 2 Live Crew) "Stop Playin" 2004 Miami, FL Tha Piecemakaz...
  7. djpyrac

    Looking For Big Boy Records (cassettes)

    Here's a few Big Boy Records releases I'm looking for (on tape) : Sporty T "ATF" Sporty T "Sporty Talk-N-Sporty" Partners-N-Crime "Pussy N A Can" Partners-N-Crime "PNC" Mystikal "I'm Not That AGGIN" MVP "In Tha Projects" Thanx for any help/replies.
  8. djpyrac

    ISO Cassettes

    Is anyone selling any of the following: Partners-N-Crime "PNC" Partners-N-Crime "Pussy N A Can" Sporty T "ATF" Sporty T "Jackin For Bounce" Silky "Bouncing In A 6 Tray" MVP "In Tha Projects" I may be interested in other things from Big Boy Records, New Orleans, and Alabama, so if you got...
  9. djpyrac

    South Bound Thugs - Underground Vol. 1 - OG or Bootleg?

    So this was marketed as an original CD that was unopened, but the packaging suggests it's just a bootleg with a printed cover. Anyone know if they released a factory pressed version of this, or was this something the artists/label were burning themselves?
  10. djpyrac

    Anyone ever dealt with dapperdontom on ebay??

    So this guy sent the following question to me, but I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with him. He's got some negative feedback from others that seems like he's possibly a bootlegger or maybe he's Tommy Wright III, who's been accused of bootlegging on ebay anyway.
  11. djpyrac

    New tape auctions up from DJ Pyra-C's collection

    Check it out: Mr. Niles - Off Da Hinges (Factory Sealed) Po' Boi - Red Light, Green Light (Factory Sealed) Francisco - I'll Be Waiten (Factory Sealed) Breeze - We Getz Down (Played Once / Near Mint) Mercenaries - The Legacy (Played Once / Near Mint) Malachi - 16 Chapters - The 2nd Coming...
  12. djpyrac

    CYC - Straight From The Cyndicate - 1997 Memphis, TN

    Super or mega-rare (but not super-mega-rare) CD for sale. Ends on Tuesday. C Y C Straight from The Cyndicate Memphis 97 Super RARE Album Rap 1997 Nuhafi | eBay
  13. djpyrac

    NFB - Women & Money CD Promo - Valuable or worthless?

    So I didn't think much of this, but a friend of mine said the last time he saw it was on ebay it sold for $150... is it really worth anything near that, or is it closer to the $2 I listed it as? N F B Women Money Promo CD Single Gangsta Rap Hammer Lows Instrumental 92 | eBay
  14. djpyrac

    Some tapes for sale

    1. Disco & The City Boyz - Slide With Me (Cassingle) - 1997 Miami, FL Condition: Factory sealed 2. Sagat - Funk Dat (Cassingle) - 1993 Condition: VG+ - tape, G - cover eBay Auction 3. Mr. Niles - Off Da' Hinges - 2000 Atlanta, GA Condition: Sealed eBay Auction 4. Father - 69 (Cassingle) -...
  15. djpyrac

    Any of these worth anything?

    So I'm going through some of my old stuff, and I couldn't really find anything on some singles/promos. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify if any of them have real value. Big Al Carson - Because I Got High - 2002? Metairie, LA Mak Villain - Time After Time - 2000 Atlanta, GA •...